The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-TWO)

A change was coming to Gotham. A change that was transpiring through the very characters of this story.

Robin returned to his secret base to find Gloria awaiting him, clad in her newly designed suit. She was expectedly impressive in the tight black suit that had a symbol of a bird embroidered in dark blue cloth across the bodice of the outfit. Across her eyes, a dark blue mask sat with eyeholes that revealed her normal brown eyes.

“And what does the bird symbolize?” he asked.

She smiled. “As a child, I was always fascinated with ravens. Their black feathers, their size, their bold cries. I’d like to embody that.”

“You have a name?”

Her smile widened. “Nightwing.” Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-TWO)

Revisiting The Last Jedi Novelization: Part 3

Yesterday, Chapters 4-6 were expectedly entertaining but there weren’t as many scenes in the novel that strayed away from the actual movie. However, the detail that was in these particular scenes was once again paramount to my enjoyment. Today, I read Chapters 7-9 which is, of course, exciting considering that the last chapter ended with Kylo Ren asking for his ship. Where will today’s chapters lead me? Let’s see.


Chapter 7 fills in two very important scenes in The Last Jedi, Luke’s dismissal to join Rey and go back with her to the Resistance and Leia’s moment of solitude in her room aboard the Raddus.

The interactions between Rey and Luke are very similar to that in the movie, except managing to once again reiterate Luke’s grumpiness (and sadness.)

With Leia, we are given a greater understanding of her ability with the Force as she tries to feel for her brother and can’t seem to find him. In an instant, we feel her loneliness, the sorrow at losing her brother, and the desperation she has for him to return. Continue reading Revisiting The Last Jedi Novelization: Part 3

What’s Your Favorite Sequel Trilogy Official Poster?

Last week the official trailer and poster for The Rise of Skywalker arrived, dazzling Star Wars fans around the world due to its powerful theme of hope and the implications to what could be a mesmerizing saga finale. A little while ago I shared a post determining what your favorite Sequel Trilogy teaser poster was. Now, for this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? I thought it would be the perfect time to compare the official posters of the Sequel Trilogy. So, here the are.

The Force Awakens


This poster was designed to make Star Wars fans absolutely lose it with excitement and LucasFilm did a great job exceeding all of our expectations. Disney wanted to prove, in a very big way, that Star Wars was back and this poster illustrates that abundantly.

The design is so well made, from the color scheme to the poses of the actors this poster is very precise, highlighting every single element on this poster in a big way.
Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Sequel Trilogy Official Poster?

If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 14

Qi’ra knew they were approaching Kessel. Everyone was in the cockpit chatting about the mission or random topics. And yet Qi’ra sat alone, in the lobby, staring at the pair of golden dice in her gloved hand.

She still remembered when Han gave her the dice. How he gave her a reassuring smile as they stood in line waiting anxiously for their chance of freedom.

“For luck?” she had said.

He smiled. “Damn right,” he had replied.

Now, three years later, and she could only smile sadly at the memory. As long as she had these dice in her possession she would never be rid of her past. Never rid of the man she had once loved more than anything else in the world; Han.

So, she had to get rid of them, or else she would always carry the burden of his presence upon her. She closed her fist around them as a single tear fell to the floor.

To embrace the future she would have to let go of the past. She raised her head. Finally.