The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-NINE)

Gloria Ramirez knew that being a hero was hard work but she still hadn’t quite comprehended just how hard that work would be. Robin was a good teacher but he was stern and unforgiving.

Starting the morning after her arrival at his secret base he began to train her in superhero boot camp and it was evident very quickly that she may have asked for more than she bargained for.

She was first taken for a long three-hour jog around the city in the wee hours of the morning when the bitter cold was near-excruciating. She was only allowed a thin cardigan to wear over her exercise garments–thankfully he was lenient enough to let her wear a thin pair of gloves so her hands wouldn’t freeze. The jog was casual but nonstop, meaning by the end of the run she felt like her lungs were going to explode and her heart rate was so high she thought she might pass out onto the concrete. Then what would he say? Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-NINE)

What’s Your Favorite Leia Moment?

It’s another Sunday and that means it’s time to visit another segment of Who’s Your Favorite? Today, however, is rather special for Star Wars fans around the world because it is the late-great Carrie Fisher’s birthday (she would’ve been 62.) So, to honor the woman who has brought so many smiles to people across the globe, she is the subject of today’s Who’s Your Favorite?

Now, Leia has countless memorable moments during her time in this franchise but I’m going to take at least one exciting moment from each film that she’s graced for this list. Enjoy!

1. A Rogue One Surprise


Rogue One brought some fantastic surprises near the end of the film as it swiftly led into A New Hope‘s story and one of those shocking reveals was CGI Leia. Not only was it brilliant but it proved that technology could be used in truly exciting ways for future Star Wars films.

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If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 21

Qi’ra entered the cockpit where Han glanced back at her as he sat behind the controls.

“What happened?” he asked.

With her gaze on the floor, she said, “L3-37 is dead.”

His expression saddened. She sat down beside him, looking out of the window to the chaotic beauty of the Maelstrom. L3-37 had been the mission’s first casualty. She could only hope it would be the last. Continue reading If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 21