I’m Geeking Out Over ‘The Mandalorian’!

I can bring you in warm… Or I can bring you in cold.”

-The Mandalorian

Those were literally the first words spoken by The Mandalorian in this premiere episode and let me tell you, it was a precise barometer of what to expect for the next thirty-seven minutes or so.

I’ve seen a lot of tv show pilots. Some immediately grip you and make you feel invested in the story. Others leave you underwhelmed and questioning whether you want to return back to see the show the next week. I can assure you, The Mandalorian‘s first episode was the greatest tv show pilot I have ever seen.

At every turn, my wide eyes were made even wider through the dialogue, the nostalgic fan service sprinkled throughout nearly every shot, and those INCREDIBLE action scenes.

Let me tell you, bounty hunting is a difficult profession according to The Mandalorian and what he has to face in what appears to be a matter of a day or two. He meets fascinating characters, some mysterious, all immediately likable. There’s a bit of backstory to unveil a bit of the mystery surrounding him which culminates into a reasonable but shocking decision he makes at the end of the first episode due to a shocking reveal you will never see coming.

The music was OUTSTANDING. Ludwig Gorransson is a phenomenal composer, delivering powerful, heart-swelling scores that one won’t soon forget. I absolutely loved his works on Creed and Black Panther and The Mandalorian is no exception. He knows how to make the viewer very, very happy with his music.

All in all, while I will refrain from spoilers due to the fact that it isn’t available to those around the globe I will say this, it was totally worth the wait.

I’m giving this first episode 100 out of 100 and 5 out of 5 stars. I’ve already watched it twice. I’m pretty sure I’m going to watch it again tonight at some time just because it was that impressive.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have an amazing day. May the Force be with you.

I’ve Finally Seen ‘The Little Mermaid’!

When Disney Plus became available early this morning hours before sunrise I didn’t waste time going onto the streaming service and browsing its wares. The first thing I could’ve watched was The Mandalorian, obviously, but considering that my family and I wanted to all watch it together I decided to watch something else I’ve been waiting to see and that was The Little Mermaid.

My mother’s been telling me about this movie for a little while now so when I finally got the chance to see it I jumped to the opportunity. I was delighted and underwhelmed at the same time.

It surprised me by subverting my expectations. I thought I knew a great portion of the story when in fact I didn’t know anything. It, however, was a bit underwhelming storywise.

I get it, love is powerful, and it makes people do incredible and sometimes foolish things, but this story is so heavy on Ariel’s quest to find love with the dashing Prince Eric that I was kind of annoyed, to be honest.

With powerful heroines like Princess Leia, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Rey, etc. Ariel is very, very damsel-in-distress-like.

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If Only She Could Tell The Truth: Part 31

This was turning out to be a very interesting day. Enfys Nest wasn’t the ruthless pirate that Qi’ra thought “he” was. He was actually a she and her motives were surprisingly noble. Enfys was trying to help those around the galaxy who were facing the same sort of oppression that the people at Savareen had faced. And it was the Crimson Dawn, the very criminal faction that Qi’ra had sworn fealty to, that had hurt these individuals of Savareen.

It made Qi’ra feel bad. Horrible, actually, for her place in this story. Here she was, listening to this horrifying tale and she was secretly a part of the very people that were the perpetrators of this crime.

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