‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Character Posters Have Arrived

Yesterday Entertainment Weekly released several new photos of The Rose of Skywalker as well as interesting interviews about the upcoming film from the cast and director. There was also an exciting 30 second TV Spot that released a bunch of new footage of the film, only increasing Star Wars fans’ excitement. But wait, there’s more!

Today, the character posters for the film were finally released and I am in love with them. So, with no further delay, here are all thirteen character posters for The Rise of Skywalker from least favorite to favorite. Enjoy!



Chewbacca’s heroism has been outstanding and it’s going to be a blast seeing him one more time in The Rise of Skywalker. Continue reading ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Character Posters Have Arrived

‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Season 3 Review

The first two seasons were building upon the characters’ storylines, providing challenging obstacles that they would have to face and grow as a family to overcome and Season 3 only continued that plotline in a very interesting and legitimately enjoyable fashion. The end of Season 2 was beyond epic, delivering some very fascinating moments with some pretty fantastic Force-wielders, including that imminently epic showdown between Ahsoka and Darth Vader. But Season 3 did not disappoint either and so, let’s get to this review.


When last we saw Ezra Bridger he was still just a kid who didn’t fully understand the dangers of the Force, particularly the dark side. He trusted Maul only to be betrayed, his nifty blaster/lightsaber was destroyed by Vader, and he barely escaped Malachor alive.

When next we see the young Jedi the little boy that we knew had grown up! The artists did a great job evolving Ezra in such an exciting way, shaving his floppy hair to a short hair-do and adding a bit of muscle definition into his arms to show that he was older. Not to mention that he was finally tall!

And not only had he grown up, but his power with the Force since last time we’d seen him as well. He had a new lightsaber but he was also beginning to embrace the dark side. It led some rather interesting storylines later down the road in Season 3 that would turn out to craft Ezra into a better person. Continue reading ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Season 3 Review

If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 39

Qi’ra approached Dryden’s corpse, shuddering as she knelt before him. She gazed at his pale face, extending her fingers to touch his still-warm cheek. He was dead and she had killed him. She thought she would be cheering about this legitimate fact but seeing his lifeless form almost made her sick.

She averted her gaze from his face to the ring on his finger. She took it, twiddling it between her own fingers as she contemplated what she was about to do. She could easily leave this yacht and join Han. No one would ever know that she was the one who killed Dryden Vos. People would probably, in fact, think she was dead.

But if she did she would go the rest of her life looking over her shoulder. Dreading the potentially imminent day when agents of Crimson Dawn would find her. Did she want to live a life of fear like that just so she could be with Han? Continue reading If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 39