‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Season 3 Review

The first two seasons were building upon the characters’ storylines, providing challenging obstacles that they would have to face and grow as a family to overcome and Season 3 only continued that plotline in a very interesting and legitimately enjoyable fashion. The end of Season 2 was beyond epic, delivering some very fascinating moments with some pretty fantastic Force-wielders, including that imminently epic showdown between Ahsoka and Darth Vader. But Season 3 did not disappoint either and so, let’s get to this review.


When last we saw Ezra Bridger he was still just a kid who didn’t fully understand the dangers of the Force, particularly the dark side. He trusted Maul only to be betrayed, his nifty blaster/lightsaber was destroyed by Vader, and he barely escaped Malachor alive.

When next we see the young Jedi the little boy that we knew had grown up! The artists did a great job evolving Ezra in such an exciting way, shaving his floppy hair to a short hair-do and adding a bit of muscle definition into his arms to show that he was older. Not to mention that he was finally tall!

And not only had he grown up, but his power with the Force since last time we’d seen him as well. He had a new lightsaber but he was also beginning to embrace the dark side. It led some rather interesting storylines later down the road in Season 3 that would turn out to craft Ezra into a better person.


Not to mention that we got some awesome Force mythology and interactions with Kanan’s side of the story as he was taught the sight to see the world differently and to become more powerful by The Bendu, a powerful Force-wielder who sits in the middle, meaning he is of both light and dark. It was pretty fascinating.

And just when it seemed the Force side of the story couldn’t get anymore interesting I was proven wrong…again.


Kanan and Ezra, back together again as master and apprentice, were forced to come face to face with Maul once more as the cunning Sith urged them to combine a Jedi and Sith Holocron or he would hurt their friends.

This led to a rather interesting concept that says if the light and dark are combined the wielder of this power can see anything, can answer any question. Could we see this concept broached upon in The Rise of Skywalker? We very well could.

But the exciting character evolution didn’t stop there. In fact, things only got more interesting.


We got to see Hera’s strained relationship with her father mended as well as her encounter with Grand Admiral Thrawn which, by the way, was very rewarding in “Hera’s Heroes”.


We got to see Sabine Wren unveil her deepest secrets in “Trials of the Darksaber” as she was trained to use a dark saber, the famed weapon of The Mandalorians, giving us greater insight into who she was as a character behind the metaphorical armor.


To my great surprise, Mon Mothma joined the series in an exciting way as she practically declared war against the Empire. Mon Mothma is such a central character to the Rebellion and the SW story as a whole, as she has played a small but mighty role in the prequels, original trilogy, and tie-in series and movies.

Having her join the rebels showcased that all of the rebels’ hard work was starting to actually get somewhere.


The “Twin Suns” episode was nothing short of extraordinary. Finally bringing about the decisive end of Darth Maul at the hands of the all-wise Obi-Wan Kenobi, this episode gave Star Wars fans a treat we didn’t even know we needed.

This episode was also the turning point for Ezra Bridger as he finally realized that all this time he had been searching for the key to destroying the Empire and at times had endangered the people he cared about in doing so but in actuality, his family, the crew of the Ghost, were more powerful than any weapon he could’ve ever received.

His dark sides impulses finally began to dampen and the noble young Jedi Knight that is Ezra Bridger was born.


And, of course, there was the two-part season finale which was expectedly thrilling, as always. Did it live up to the standards of the second season’s finale? No, it didn’t, but it was going to be pretty near-impossible to top that display of awesomeness found in the second season finale.

What I can say I really enjoyed about this season finale was the real sense of peril it provided to the characters and the start-from-scratch mentality it gave the rebels moving forward. No, the fight against the Empire wasn’t going to be as easy as they first anticipated, but obstacles never stopped the Rebellion.

All in all, Season 3 was pretty enjoyable and overall, I found it to be better than both Season 1 and Season 2 combined, which is saying something. It means the storytellers were actually telling a story that got better and better rather than descending in quality, which was a relief.

Tomorrow I will share my thoughts on the final, very emotional season of Star Wars: Rebels. I’m very excited to share my review of what is undoubtedly one of the greatest final seasons I have ever watched to any show.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day. May the Force be with you, always.

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