A Surprise Twist Shakes up ‘Survivor: Island of the Idols’

As you may recall last week’s episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols was pretty distasteful. So distasteful, in fact, that I’m still upset but that’s another story. The week has passed, my anger has begun to simmer, and now it’s time to look on to the rest of the season.

This week’s episode got things back on track in a shocking way, delivering a surprise twist that completely discombobulated the entire plot that several of the tribemates were concocting. Here’s what happened.

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff delivered the players a shocking realization. There would be two teams, two immunity necklaces to snag, and two people going home. This changed the whole spectrum of the game and allowed players that were originally on the bottom of their alliances to ascend to the throne and make some shocking big moves.

These “big moves” resulted in getting two of the strongest and most strategic players out of the game; Aaron and Missy. As someone of color who watches the show, this decision wasn’t a surprise, in fact, it was totally understandable, but what is shocking is seeing how the last four votes have played out. Continue reading A Surprise Twist Shakes up ‘Survivor: Island of the Idols’

Another Stroll Down Memory Lane Has Led Me to ‘Mary Poppins’

Mary Poppins is another one of those Disney movies from my childhood that I knew (and loved) simply because I knew several of the songs from the film. However, I never actually watched Mary Poppins. In fact, my first introduction to Mary Poppins in a cinematic way was through Mary Poppins Returns which I found to be very boring. Pretty, but boring,

So, after having come away from Mary Poppins Returns with searing disappointment, I was determined to watch the original film one day. The film that garnered 13! nominations in 1964 and won five of them, including Julie Andrews’ Oscar win for bringing the lovable Mary Poppins to life.

As I watched the film yesterday morning I couldn’t keep a smile off of my face. It was nothing short of delightful. Continue reading Another Stroll Down Memory Lane Has Led Me to ‘Mary Poppins’

My Brain is Busted After the Third Episode of ‘The Mandalorian’

Two episodes in and I was already losing it. The Mandalorian, played by Pedro Pascal, is oozing coolness off of the screen, dazzling fans around the country. And his uber-cute counterpart has stolen the hearts of millions. Today the third episode of the series came out and I am simply floored. Absolutely, positively floored.

The Mandalorian continues to shock me in ways that I’m not expecting to be shocked. This was the most intense episode yet as our masked protagonist goes Rambo on everybody. And yes, there were even more Easter Eggs to discover in this riveting third episode.

Three episodes in and so far, combined, it’s had the runtime of a Star Wars movie. And let me tell you, just this much of the story has impressed me enough to the point where I’m loving it more than nearly every Star Wars movie made so far. To think we have five more episodes left, I’m trying to decipher where can this story go next? What new characters will he meet? What new obstacles will he have to face? What new enemies will he have to fight? Oh, my brain is rambling.

The Mandalorian is nothing short of extraordinary. In fact, it may be too good, to be honest. With each episode that passes I’m finding myself less and less interested in The Rise of Skywalker. Jon Favreau came up with this idea for The Mandalorian and it’s truly outstanding. I can’t get enough of this show.

This Monday I will share my thoughts on the spoilers but until then, I’ll stop here.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. I have spoken.

Throwback Friday: Iron Man vs. Captain America: Who Was Right?

This is a fun post I wrote a while back before the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War and so, for this week’s Throwback Friday, I thought this would be a great post to look back to. Enjoy!

It’s a week until Avengers: Infinity War premieres (YES!) and in the time since Captain America: Civil War I have never made a stand on who I thought was right; Iron Man or Captain America. Frankly, I think they both have their reasons for choosing the sides that they did and they are both noble for making those choices but since Infinity War is almost out and the next phase of these character’s friendship is about to be known I figure I might as well discover which side I thought was right before the movie comes out. Enjoy!

Iron Man


Okay, here’s the one major blip in Tony’s side of this story for me.

Tony is a very rebellious kind of guy. Throughout his films, he’s never been a team player, which has gotten him in trouble multiple times. He even created Ultron without the approval of his teammates and you see how that turned out? So here’s yet another example of him going behind his friends’ backs as he creates the Sokovia Accords with Secretary Ross and it only created conflict within the Avengers rather than a common interest that could’ve brought the superhero team even closer.

This, I’d say, is Tony’s biggest fault. He reacts off of self-interest and never stops to think if his decisions will hurt people in the process. That can be a problem. Now was his decision to create the Sokovia Accords the right decision? Yes and no.

For him he felt that the Avengers were going to be placed under the governments’ control sooner or later so he just wanted to be ahead of the curb and have a say-so in the matter before having to take orders from government officials that he wouldn’t be able to get along with.

What makes it wrong though is the fact that he didn’t tell anyone what he was going to do. He just concocted this plan without the approval of his friends (like he always does) and presented it to the Avengers like a side punch out of nowhere. That was wrong and it left the Avengers feeling kind of hopeless as he forced them to make the difficult choice between joining the Accords and becoming a fugitive within a few days.

Continue reading Throwback Friday: Iron Man vs. Captain America: Who Was Right?