‘The Mandalorian: Chapter Four’ Foregoes Epic Action To Tell a Story

The first four episodes of The Mandalorian have told a greater (and more cohesive) story than the Sequel Trilogy has offered so far. The first three episodes were action galore, with a surprising amount of heart woven into the mix. Chapter Four resets the story, showing The Mandalorian at his most docile yet. But don’t let the lack of jaw-dropping moments convince you that the seriousness of this series has died down because it hasn’t. Not at all. In fact, if anything, the conclusion of the series’ fourth episode only reiterates how serious the situation is for The Mandalorian. A situation that I will elaborate further upon in my spoiler review this Monday.

There was a lot to enjoy about the fourth episode of The Mandalorian. We were finally introduced to Gina Carano’s character, a fierce ex-rebel shock trooper named Cara Dune who has a mean punch. Was her debut as fantastic as I would’ve first imagined? I have to admit, I’m a bit underwhelmed. Not to say that she wasn’t cool but her inclusion in the series felt the least natural of the major characters presented in the story so far. But the series has already hinted at the idea that we will see her again, later down the road, and with her and The Mandalorian making such a good team, it’s definitely an exciting prospect.

However, don’t let this give you the impression that I didn’t like this episode because I clearly loved it. Baby Yoda is still super cute and The Mandalorian is still cooler than ever. Chapter Four only builds upon The Mandalorian’s good-natured character and yes, it finally answers the question of whether he takes his mask off or not in a very effective way. 😉

All in all, while Episode Three is still my favorite of the series so far, Chapter Four definitely is keeping the ball rolling.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

Throwback Friday: The Originality of a Space Battle in ‘The Last Jedi’

The Last Jedi was about as unconventional a Star Wars movie as you can get. Yes, it had lightsabers and Jedi, space battles and conversations of the Force, but Rian Johnson changed a lot about the way we view these movies. He took a more ethical approach to the entire story of Star Wars which led to a complex but satisfying sequel rather than just creating a fun action movie. One of those striking elements of the movie that he made his own happened to be the very first scene in The Last Jedi; the space battle.

Pursued by the Empire

Space battles have always been a huge staple of Star Wars. In fact, the first scene ever to appear in a Star Wars film involved a space battle! That’s how important they are. Every Star Wars movie that there has been has had at least one space battle in it and The Last Jedi was thankfully not an exception…but Rian Johnson made sure to put his own spin on it.

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My Sister’s Opinion: The Mandalorians Are Similar to the Samurai

(Warning: The Mandalorian spoilers below!)

Star Wars is such a compelling universe because of the characters and cultures that you find within it.

One such culture that has been finding more attention lately revolves around the Mandalorians, thanks to The Mandalorian show on Disney Plus. On this show we’ve been introduced to their phrase, “This is the way”; their discipline, weaponry, and their will to be honorable whenever they can.

And as I was watching these aspects transpire on the screen, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the Mandalorians and Samurai. Continue reading My Sister’s Opinion: The Mandalorians Are Similar to the Samurai

Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Four

A Plan Gone Wrong

The plan was simple; the three teams would act as distractors to lure The Whisper’s forces away while Ora went to face HER. This plan, however, was over before it even began.

Ora’s Swoop-5 had launched into hyperspace and it didn’t take very long before the three teams, located within their own ships, had done the same. However, as they zoomed through hyperspace something began to happen.

Rey rose from her seat, looking at the blue streaks of stars passing by. Her eyebrows began to furrow.

“Something’s not right,” she whispered.

A second later the streaks of blue turned purple and a face crafted from the very stars appeared in the space before them.

“Jump out of hyperspace, now!” Rey yelled.

The face’s gaping mouth zoomed toward them to engulf them just as Maz Kanata pulled back on the lever. The ship, however, did not obey Kanata’s wishes as the vessel made a strange malfunctioning sound in response to her commands.

Everyone in the ship screamed as the face made of the stars engulfed the ship.

This happened to the two other vessels as well. Each ship encountered a face in the stars that made up the streaks of hyperspace, each ship was engulfed by this face, and as a result, each ship was tossed from hyperspace to end up floating in the middle of space.

The people in these vessels were knocked unconscious from the raw power of the attack and the ships weren’t in much better shape. Ripped of their energy and life support mechanisms, the crafts were dead in the water, leaving those aboard each ship in certain peril.

And while all of this happened, Ora was still heading to her imminent duel with The Whisper, none the wiser that the people she cared about were in trouble.