Here are Two Comic Strips To Have You Pumped for ‘Star Wars’

My sister and I love Star Wars, as you can probably tell, and we’re both very excited for The Mandalorian and The Rise of Skywalker. My sister, being an artist, gets to celebrate this franchise in exciting ways through art and recently she’s begun to take certain characters and make comic strips for them. And because they’re awesome I wanted to share them. Enjoy!

The Mandalorian


I can’t get enough of this comic. The colors, the gleam on the helmet, the way his cape flows in the wind, this comic screams awesomeness, as does this character. Continue reading Here are Two Comic Strips To Have You Pumped for ‘Star Wars’

What Are the Top Ten ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Episodes According to IMDb?

Star Wars: Rebels is filled with fantastic episodes that have delivered some rather incredible moments. Moments that I’ve just seen due to my recent introduction to Star Wars: Rebels. Moments of which I will never forget. I could easily list my ten favorite episodes from the series so far but I thought it would be more fun to see which episodes rank supreme in the collective viewers’ eyes. So, on that note, here are the top ten episodes of Star Wars: Rebels according to IMDb.

10. Season 3. Episode 14: “Trial of the Darksaber”-9/10


Many of the characters were given extra depth to their storyline with episodes that centered around their personal obstacles but Sabine Wren was always just there…until this episode. Suddenly, we delve into her personal backstory and we soon discover the tragedy that has struck her own life. Gone is the mystery surrounding her character and suddenly she is given that much more meaning in the story.

It was a fascinating approach to her character and indeed one of the best episodes in the series. Plus, the Darksaber lore was pretty fascinating too. Continue reading What Are the Top Ten ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Episodes According to IMDb?

Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Five

Danger in the Force

Ora felt a tremor in the Force. It was subtle. Almost entirely insignificant. But it was there.

It cut through her like a knife, warning her of something. A terrible danger awaited her. That much was obvious. But there was something else and she couldn’t quite place it.

Sometimes the Force frustrated Ora. Rey taught her to be mindful of the Force. To listen to its beckoning and whispers of truth. To feel the Force around her, through her, and in her. But at times like these, when the Force was speaking to her in ways she couldn’t comprehend, she wanted to fight back and take action instead of being mindful.

And then she felt it. Like a blow to the chest. There was a desperate call for help followed by a terrible scream. Her eyes widened. Continue reading Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Five