Episode X: The Reckoning: Chapter Twenty-Four

The last thing Maz Kanata saw was a face in the stars as she, Rey, Ben Solo, and the teenagers were flying toward their mission. Rey screamed for her to get them out of hyperspace and as she pulled back on the lever everything went black.

When her eyes reopened she was lying on a cold floor. She sat up and noticed that she was in a small ship the size of an escape pod. In fact, it probably was an escape pod.

She put a hand to her throbbing head.

“Where am I?”

She stood, stumbling to the console where she looked out of the window. She was in an asteroid field, simply floating in space. She pulled her glasses over her eyes.

“So strange,” she said to herself.

She tapped a few buttons on the ship’s console and as the vessel flared to life there was an immediate pinging on the dashboard as the ship locked onto another craft somewhere in the far reaches of the galaxy. She scratched her head.

“This is very, very strange.”

Being over a thousand-years-old, Maz Kanata had seen a lot in the galaxy. From the most beautiful and ethereal to the scariest and strangest encounters. But this was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

The mysterious workings of the Force were at work. She could feel it. It was as clear as the oxygen allowing her to breathe.

But what did this mean? What was this pinging dot trying to tell her? She figured she had no choice but to find out. She sat down in the chair and sent the ship forward, following the trail that the mysterious forces were leaving for her.

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