An Updated Ranking: The Ten Most Awesome Women in ‘Star Wars’

When last I wrote this post The Last Jedi hadn’t even come out yet and I hadn’t seen Star Wars: Rebels yet. Over the past few years, women have become a central asset to the franchise in new, exciting ways. On the last day of January, I thought it would be fun to update this list and shine a new light on my ten favorite women in Star Wars so far.

10. Captain Phasma


Powerful, fierce, this chrome-domed villainess was everything the trilogy needed…and more. It’s sad that she met her demise in The Last Jedi but when she graced the screen her authority rang supreme. She was such a fascinating character. Continue reading An Updated Ranking: The Ten Most Awesome Women in ‘Star Wars’

Throwback Friday: I Think the ‘Star Wars’ Prequel Trilogy Got Some of its Ideas From ‘The Fifth Element’

For the first time, I recently watched The Fifth Element which came out in 1997. I’ve been hearing about this movie for years but it wasn’t until yesterday that I actually sat down and watched the film. As I was watching the movie I was flabbergasted by its strangely creative content and the vision that Luc Besson had concocted for this film. I almost fell asleep at the beginning of the movie because I thought it was kind of boring but I managed to stay up and watch the entire film from beginning to end.

While the overall movie clearly wasn’t the best science-fiction film I’d ever seen I still somewhat enjoyed it. But, as I’d say, about thirty minutes into the movie one of the main characters, a perfect being sent to protect Earth named Leeloo was brought to life. When she found herself in containment she, of course, ran away. It’s at this moment where my mind was blown in utter shock.

Continue reading Throwback Friday: I Think the ‘Star Wars’ Prequel Trilogy Got Some of its Ideas From ‘The Fifth Element’

The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-TWO)

A change was coming to Gotham. A change that was transpiring through the very characters of this story.

Robin returned to his secret base to find Gloria awaiting him, clad in her newly designed suit. She was expectedly impressive in the tight black suit that had a symbol of a bird embroidered in dark blue cloth across the bodice of the outfit. Across her eyes, a dark blue mask sat with eyeholes that revealed her normal brown eyes.

“And what does the bird symbolize?” he asked.

She smiled. “As a child, I was always fascinated with ravens. Their black feathers, their size, their bold cries. I’d like to embody that.”

“You have a name?”

Her smile widened. “Nightwing.” Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-TWO)

My Review of ‘The Lion King’

The reboot of The Lion King was one of the highest-grossing films last year, making just north of $1.6 billion but was met with mixed reviews. While the visuals were praised immensely the main consensus was that The Lion King was a tired rehash of the previous film. As I watched the movie last night for the first time on Disney+ I was excited.

After my recent viewing of Aladdin which turned out to be quite the treat, I was expecting the same level of joy from The Lion King. And I was having a great time…until I wasn’t.


The first half wowed me, leaving me staring at the screen stricken with awe. Yes, it was very repetitive of the original film but guess what, The Lion King is perfect. No reason to try to get fancy and change something that is so fantastic. It was the second half of the film that left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Continue reading My Review of ‘The Lion King’

The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-ONE)

Blake Lively was sitting at his console, overlooking Gotham from the several cameras he had placed around the city to aid him in his watchful protecting when his comlink blinked. He looked over and saw that it was the Commissioner. For a split second, he thought it was Commissioner Gordon until he realized that he was dead. It brought a sense of sadness to him with a striking realization. It was, however, Lynx and if she was contacting him there was a reason. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-ONE)

‘Fast and Furious 9’ Gets Its First Teaser Poster

I’ll let you know, I’m not a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise. The first film that I legitimately enjoyed (and watched twice because I liked it so much) was The Fate of the Furious which came out three years ago. Now the next film in the adrenaline-filled saga has returned and for once, I’m actually rather excited like everyone else who loves these movies. So, with no further delay, here’s the official teaser poster which arrives undoubtedly on the cusp of a teaser trailer about to premiere probably sometime later this week or early next week.


I have to say, this poster has me excited. I didn’t get a chance to see the spin-off film last year, Hobbs and Shaw, a movie that I was really thrilled to eventually feast my eyes on. I’m so intrigued in seeing the trailer and gaining an idea of where the story has gone next.

Let’s do this!

Are you excited for Fast and Furious 9? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.