The Dark Knight Lives (TWENTY-NINE)

Katherine Kane needed information. And where was the best place to learn the most important gossip around town? In a pub down in the lower levels of Gotham called The Steampot.

The evening had arrived, bathing everything in the classic early darkness of nighttime. A harsh cold permeated the city but this time she was prepared. Clothed in a heavy black coat with a fur-lined interior, she dismounted her motorcycle in front of the pub before entering the premises.

The establishment was expectedly rowdy underneath the dim lights that cast the pub into a cozy gloom. When she entered the bar no one paid attention to her. She was just another visitor trying to get a drink on this momentous day.

She walked over to the bar, taking off her coat and sitting down. Immediately one of the three bartenders, a chipper blond-haired girl with a bunch of makeup and a flirty top revealing her cleavage, approached her.

“Drink honey?”

Katherine nodded. “A mug of stout.”

The bartender grinned. “On the way.”

As she vanished from Katherine’s sight, Katherine took a look around the pub. There were your average blue-collar Gothamites taking the holiday off to have a good time and then there was the shiftier folk who sat close together and whispered among themselves.

These were the conversations she wished she could listen in on but that wasn’t going to happen. But, there was a rowdy band of men at the end of the bar who were not shy about their dislike for Batman and Robin. It was this band of men that Katherine realized could give her the information she needed.

The bartender returned, handing her the mug of stout she had ordered, and without hesitation, Katherine approached the men. It was time to use the skills her parents taught her.

Commissioner Lynx stood in Commissioner Gordon’s office, her hands clasped behind her back as she stared out of the window. Just last night she had entered this very office and talked to Gordon. She had never imagined that conversation with him would be her last. The realization was sickening.

And now, the very city that he once watched over and tried to keep civilized, all of that responsibility was placed upon her shoulders as she assumed his role as Commissioner.

The thought was almost overwhelming. She was so young and yet he trusted her to make the right decisions for Gotham. To keep the city’s criminal activity low and help build a city that would be garnered as one of the greatest cities in the world.

She turned, looking at his desk. Her gaze was immediately drawn to the picture frame that depicted Gordon’s family. They hadn’t been told the news yet and Lynx knew she would have to be the one to do it. The realization was heartbreaking.

She walked over to the desk, sat down, and grabbed the phone to call Mrs. Gordon.


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