The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-ONE)

Blake Lively was sitting at his console, overlooking Gotham from the several cameras he had placed around the city to aid him in his watchful protecting when his comlink blinked. He looked over and saw that it was the Commissioner. For a split second, he thought it was Commissioner Gordon until he realized that he was dead. It brought a sense of sadness to him with a striking realization. It was, however, Lynx and if she was contacting him there was a reason.

He left his place by the console, walking over to a section of the cavernous base where his suit resided in a nook hidden until he pressed a button. The stone wall slid outward and there was his suit staring back at him, its bold colors of mahogany, red-orange, and green greeting him. A small smile came to his face.

He took pride in his suit, for in his mind he believed it was beautiful, no matter the jokes Alfred teased him with whenever he wore it. This suit had become a beacon to those who needed hope in the world and as long as he was live he would keep it that way.

He reached forward and grabbed the suit.

Meanwhile, Gloria was busy conceptualizing her own suit with the elder butler, Alfred. They were in a brightly lit room deep within the secret base filled with all sorts of technological goodies and exciting weapons that had Gloria giddy with excitement.

Never in a million years did she think of becoming someone like Robin; a warrior of Gotham tasked with the duty of protecting the people of the city. It was never on her bucket list of things to do. Amazing what could happen in a couple of days.

She was looking at the beginnings of her suit: a black bodysuit made of a thin but durable cloth.

“Would you like a cape?” Alfred asked.

She quickly shook her head. “No cape. I’m not a cape person.”

He smiled. “Neither am I,” he spoke to her in a low voice as he grinned.

She grinned.

Just as he said that Robin entered the room, his red-orange cape flowing behind him.

“I’ll be back,” he announced as he put on the mask covering his eyes.

Gloria stepped toward him. “What’s going on? Do you need my help?”

He held up his hand. “Not yet. Your time will come but this isn’t that time. Besides, it shouldn’t be anything too important.”

She nodded. “Be careful,” she called to him as he walked across the room toward another exit.

He looked back, a smile on his face before he disappeared.

Alfred placed a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, Ms. Ramirez. You’ll get the chance to join him on his daily escapades. But for now, enjoy these moments of freedom. A time will come when you will miss these days.”

She smiled. “You’re right. I’m just anxious you know.”

Alfred’s smile widened. “Let’s surprise him by having your suit complete by the time of his arrival.”

She grinned. “I like the sound of that.”

Commissioner Lynx was standing in the alley behind the police depot, her arms crossed as she tried to conserve warmth. The woman in the black suit and mask who called herself “Kate” had contacted her–they had exchanged numbers the previous night in case they needed to speak to one another–after apparently learning some very valuable information. They had arranged to meet in this alley but now Lynx was beginning to wish they had chosen a warmer meeting place.

And then she heard footsteps. When she looked Kate was approaching her. Or at least she believed she was Kate. She was no longer wearing her mask and was clad in pedestrian’s clothing but the way she walked, with a patented swagger, convinced Lynx that it was indeed her.

“So you got my message,” Kate said.

Lynx nodded. “I got it.”

A second later there was a loud thump to her immediate right that nearly caused her heart to leap out of her chest as Robin jumped down from some unknown vantage point to join the secret meeting.

“I got the message to be here as well,” Robin said.

Kate regarded him with a smile. “You look cooler with the suit.”

His eyebrows rose. “I’m not sure if that was exactly a compliment but I’ll take it.”

“What’s the information? I don’t have all day,” Lynx snapped.

Kate turned her attention to her, holding up her hands. “Okay, okay. I’m getting there.” She stepped closer to the both of them, speaking low.

“It’s not much to go on but tonight I saw the woman who could control plants-”

“Pamela Isley,” Robin interjected.

Both Lynx and Kate looked at him.

“I did some research. Her name is Pamela Isley. Former botanist who survived a chemical-induced accident. It seems that whatever happened in the accident she was then reported to have control over plants. She also, apparently, went insane after the accident and was forced into Arkham Asylum. Somehow she escaped and has gone off the radar.”

“Until yesterday…” Lynx said grimly.

Kate nodded. “Okay, well Pamela Isley was at the pier tonight talking to a crime boss named Harley. Her and the pale lady with the bat.”

“That’s Harley Quinn, the psychopath who helped in The Joker’s escape from Arkham Asylum as well. When he was found dead some believed she was the one who killed him.”

Kate crossed her arms. “Harley Quinn and Harley. Hmm.” She looked at Lynx. “What do you believe?”

Lynx sighed. “I don’t know what to believe anymore. All I know is she’s a danger to Gotham and needs to be put in the penitentiary.”

“If only it was that easy,” Robin mused.

There was a moment of brief silence before Kate continued, “I couldn’t hear what they were saying but they were definitely conducting some sort of deal. If we can find Harley, I’m talking about Crime Boss Harley, we could discover The Penguin’s identity.”

“And finally put an end to this madness.”

“We have to be smart about it though. If we don’t execute things properly The Penguin will be onto us and he’ll probably kill Harley before we can even get to him.”

“Agreed,” Lynx said. “We should act after we have Commissioner Gordon and Mayor Barber Anistello buried. It’ll give us time to concoct the perfect plan.”

Kate and Robin nodded.

“That Mr. Goldman, there’s something about him I don’t trust,” Kate added.

“I know,” Lynx grumbled. “But for now, he’s bringing joy to the people of Gotham. And that distracts away from the horrors of the past few days.”

There was another bout of silence between them before Lynx spoke again.

“Well, this has been a productive meeting. Now, let’s all of us try to get a decent rest tonight. Who knows what we may face tomorrow.”

Kate and Robin nodded. Kate turned, walking off into the darkness of the alley from where she had come. Lynx turned to Robin, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Especially you,” she told him. “You’ve had a rough couple of days.”

He smiled. “You’re not wrong there.”

She smiled back, turning to head back into the depot when he placed a hand on her arm.

“Are you going to be okay?” he asked.

She placed her hand on his. “I’ve cried my tears. Now it’s time to keep Gotham safe.”

“Maybe you should’ve tried to become the mayor.”

She chuckled. “I’m a fighter, not a politician. I’d rather keep the people of Gotham safe in this way than with empty promises.”

He smiled. “Commissioner Gordon was wise to choose you as his next-in-command.”

Her expression saddened. “I hope so.”

With that, she entered the depot and he remained outside in the alley staring after her.

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