The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-EIGHT)

Frustration. It was becoming something Pamela Isley was growing too used to feeling. The Penguin was basking in his role as Mayor, delivering “joy” to the millions of Gothamites all while secretly amassing a sprawl of crooked judges that would turn the city into a haven for criminals, rich and poor.

Pamela, however, was busy trying to discover Robin’s true identity. She had briefly seen him without his mask but seeing someone’s face didn’t mean their name was written on their forehead. And whoever Robin really was, he had taken great precautions to keep his true identity a secret.

Every time she thought she was close to gaining a clue about him that “clue” turned up to be fruitless. It was, as I said before, frustrating.

Harley Quinn was also growing rather dispirited. She wasn’t one to sit around for too long, wanting some sort of deadly action to liven her daily escapades.

The crime boss, Mr. Hunk, had promised them information on the masked crime fighter. But that information had been somehow intercepted, leading Pamela back to square one. All the while, she could practically feel The Penguin’s impatience rolling across the city on the cold wind, touching her skin, reminding her of his sobering threat.

“Who is he?” Pamela asked herself, holding her coat closely about her as she stood on the balcony of Mr. Hunk’s penthouse which overlooked downtown Gotham.

The wind blew her curly hair about her face, mirroring her roiling emotions.

Behind her in the massive sitting room, Harley was consulting (more like flirting) with the crime boss’s personal bodyguards while Mr. Hunk himself approached Pamela, his jaw set.

“We have exhausted nearly all of our options but there’s one thing we haven’t tried yet.”

Pamela turned to him. “And what could that be?”

“He’s a man, isn’t he? And all men, particularly at his age, have loved someone in their lives.” He stepped closer to her, a grin spreading on his face. “Find a loved one and we find him.”

“And how are you going to do that?” Pamela asked annoyed. “If we don’t know who he is how are you possibly going to learn of someone close to him?”

“I have ways of making people talk. Don’t worry. By tomorrow night, we’ll know exactly who he is.”


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