I Have a Feeling John Krasinski is Going To Play Mr. Fantastic

John Krasinski first became a renowned actor due to his role as Jim Halpert in the acclaimed comedy, The Office. Since then, I hadn’t seen him in many roles but apparently, there was a moment when he was almost given the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Here’s how the story goes.

He was seriously considering playing Steve Rogers when, in a meeting for the role, Chris Hemsworth (Thor) walks by. He saw Hemsworth and how jacked he was and immediately deduced that he was not ready to get on the strict regiment to turn into a full-fledged superhero. Hence, the role would go to Chris Evans.

Over the years, people have approached Krasinski about the dream role and how he passed up such a great opportunity but it seems that Krasinski’s relationship with Marvel did not come to an end.

According to recent interviews, Krasinski himself has provided interest in playing another iconic Marvel superhero, Mr. Fantastic, in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot set to arrive in the next couple of years or so. Continue reading I Have a Feeling John Krasinski is Going To Play Mr. Fantastic

Who’s Your Favorite Disney Princess?

Disney princesses have become a staple in American children’s lives. If you have a girl it’s pretty likely that they’ve seen a Disney princess movie and have a favorite Disney princess. I know I did as a child. My favorite princess was Jasmine.

And even as one gets older the love of these characters never fades. So, this week’s segment of Who’s Your Favorite will focus on the lovely Disney princesses that have spanned generations. Enjoy!



Cinderella was a humble girl, living with her three mean stepsisters and her cruel stepmother. She was always treated poorly, never allowed pretty dresses and having to serve them. But she never complained and her goodness begot her a miraculous occurrence; meeting her fairy godmother.

I’m sure you know the rest of the story and it is a beautiful one. Cinderella would end up living happily ever after with newlywed husband, Prince Charming, and she would never have to endure the ugly actions of her stepsisters and stepmother ever again.

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The Dark Knight Lives (FORTY-NINE)

Gloria Ramirez was fast asleep when she felt someone shaking her shoulders. Her eyes flashed open and her left hand instinctively balled into a fist to punch her attacker only to find that it was Blake Lively staring down at her.

“Come. There’s something you have to see,” he told her.

Rubbing the grogginess out of her eyes, she hurried out of bed, following after him. Her head was pounding from being startled out of her deep slumber. And she had been sleeping so well too. After a hard day’s work sleep was so precious. And now this gift that rest had given to her had been robbed of her. It was so unfortunate.

Her grumpiness at being woken dissipated instantly as she saw what was being broadcast on the television. It was an aerial view of the Bat-signal shining into the clouds from the Wayne Enterprises Building. She practically shrieked at the sight, covering her mouth in utter shock. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FORTY-NINE)