The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY)

Gloria Ramirez couldn’t believe what she was seeing through Robin’s eyes. Pandemonium erupted as masked hooligans from what appeared to be the sewers appeared, driving headlong into the procession and murdering innocents left and right.

Robin responded not with a response but instead by swinging down from his perch, vaulting into the melee and using his staff to whack bad guys left and right. Screams of terror permeated the scene. There were gunshots left and right. Police officers were joining the fray, attacking the violent gang of thugs.

Gloria rose from her seat.

“I have to help him,” she said.

Alfred shook his head. “That might not be the right choice, miss.”

“I’ve been training for this and Robin needs me.”

She was about to turn when the elderly man grabbed her shoulder. “Trust me, Missy. Mr. Lively told you to stay here for a reason. You’ll get your chance. Right now, the best thing to do is to abide by his wishes.”

Gloria wanted to argue. Instead, she nodded, turning her attention back to the computer screen and watching the mayhem ensue through Robin’s eyes.

Robin knew The Penguin wouldn’t pass up this opportunity to make a bold move and terrorize Gotham forthright and as he filed through the crowds of masked hooligans, his staff spinning and catching his enemies with every swing, his only goal was to protect Commissioner Lynx, wherever she was in the mayhem.

The commotion filling the street, the gunshots ringing through the air, the chaos surrounded him in a dizzying blur. Robin hadn’t seen anything like this since Bane and his army fought Batman and the entire Gotham police force before the primary courthouse in the city.

He grunted as he was shot from behind. The bullet wasn’t able to pierce his body armor but it did knock the air from him like a powerful blow. He whirled, his red-orange cape whirling around him in a flash of color, arcing his staff to knock his attacker unconscious. And then, through the dense crowd, he spied Harley Quinn on the shoulders of a police officer cackling and bashing his head in with a bat.

“Get her!” Gloria urged him in his ear.

He was already thinking to do so. He charged forward as Harley was surrounded by a circle of officers striving to avenge their fallen brother.

Harley had been so bored for the last few days. Now, helping orchestrate this madness, she was finally getting some much-needed stimulation.

Around her, furious police officers stood with their guns aimed at her.

“Don’t move. You’re under arrest!” one of the officers, a young-looking fellow who was probably a rookie, commanded.

“I’ve already been arrested,” she told them. “And I hated it!”

With that, she went bonkers, dancing among them like a bat-swinging ballerina/acrobat who had a disturbing taste for bloodshed. The police officers were no match for her. And then things got interesting as Robin showed up to the party.

Standing amongst her fallen victims she grinned at him.

“Haven’t seen you in a while. Missed me?”

“Hardly,” he said as he committed the first swing.

Commissioner Lynx couldn’t believe what was happening. Something deep down inside told her that this funeral would end in violence. But so much security had been developed for this procession. Every scenario of The Penguin’s attack had been thought of…or at least they thought.

As soon as The Flock poured from the lower depths of Gotham, descending upon them like an avalanche, the Mayor had skedaddled off like a coward. Lynx was no coward. She joined the fray, unholstering her gun and fighting alongside her fellow officers.

Katherine Kane was another member of the alliance striving to stop these masked thugs as they strove to bring as much terror as possible. As the fight continued and the chaos only increased Lynx was beginning to realize this surprise attack may end badly with more police officers becoming the victims of this raid than the gang members.

In the distance, police sirens could be heard getting closer. The Flock was thinning. The end of this debacle seemed within reach. And then…suddenly she felt something tight around her neck yanking her back. She looked down, grasping at whatever was constricting her, and saw what appeared to be ivy. The ivy wrapped around her wrists, then her legs, and against her will, she was pulled across the concrete by a mysterious foe. She was about to scream when the ivy wrapped around her mouth, preventing her from doing so.

She was brought to a stop and her eyes widened as she beheld former prisoner Pamela Isley standing over her. The beautiful woman bent down to her, smiling.

“Good night,” she whispered.

And as a sickeningly sweet aroma that seemed to roll off of the woman’s breath filled her nostrils her eyes did indeed roll up into her head as she lost consciousness.

Robin had to admit, Harley was a formidable foe. She wasn’t trained. She was simply a maniacal woman whose love for death and destruction made her break all of the rules of conventional fighting. She was also very agile.

And yet, as they fought, he got the feeling that she wasn’t really trying to kill him. There was a reluctance to her swings and an effortless dancing about that made him realize she was nothing more than a distraction.

This was realized when a member of The Flock yelled out, “Icy veins!”

Harley flipped out of the range of his spear and winked. “It’s been fun!”

Before he could charge after her a smoke bomb was thrown down somewhere in the crowd and his view was instantly impeded. He whirled.

“Where did they go?” he asked Gloria.

Gloria was looking at the various screens which offered a view of the street through cameras located in the buildings and saw nothing but grey smoke like Robin.

“I don’t see anything,” Gloria told him. “I have a feeling they got away.”

Robin was moving through the dazed crowd, stepping over the throng of bodies bloodying the street.

“Where’s Commissioner Lynx?” Robin asked. “Has anyone got eyes on Lynx?”

The smoke bomb began to dissipate.

Katherine Kane suddenly rushed toward Robin out of the confusion.

“Lynx is gone!” she said.

Gloria’s eyes widened. And even though she couldn’t see Robin she knew he was just as shocked. This wasn’t good. This wasn’t good at all.

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