The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY-ONE)

The Penguin couldn’t remember the last time he had been this furious. He had a careful plan. One that was playing out splendidly. And then…then…

He couldn’t believe how his compatriots had betrayed his trust. His hands were shaking he was so filled with fury.

As the mayhem had ensued he had slipped away, heading immediately to the lair he once used as a base of operations beneath Gotham where he awaited Harley and Pamela. When they arrived with their surviving members of the masked mob he charged Quinn from out of the shadows, knocking her bat out of her hands with a swing of his cane and slamming her against the sewer wall. As Pamela raised her hand he unholstered a small handgun, pointing it directly at her. With Harley pinned and Pamela forced to not move lest she gets shot, he was able to vent his rage and the vitriol he sent forth was blistering.

“I had a plan!” he roared.

“A bad plan,” Pamela retorted.

“Do you want me to shoot you?” he seethed.

She snarled. “You wouldn’t dare.”

He smirked wickedly. “Test me.”

Harley Quinn interjected, “I don’t know why you’re mad. We’ve got the Commissioner.”

The Penguin whipped his gaze toward her. “What?”

“We’ve. Got. The. Commissioner. Rejoice!”

The Penguin stepped back, unpinning her from the wall and lowering his gun, cursing vehemently. “Are you serious?”

“Why get her at nighttime when we could run into the Batwoman when we could get her now?” She leaned against the wall, twirling one of her ponytails around one finger. “We got our prize.”

The Penguin looked at Pamela who was still glaring at him. “You do know that if she sees me my plan is screwed, right?”

“Why should you care?” Pamela asked. She stepped toward him and he couldn’t help feeling a bit aroused as he smelled her sweet scent. “You’re trying to take over Gotham. One less person in your way should make you very, very pleased.”

She put her hand on his chest, sliding it up to his shoulder. Despite himself, his heart pitter-pattered.

“We’re winning, sweetie. And you should revel at this moment.”

The Penguin retained a stern expression as he stared at her. “Where is she?”

Pamela stepped aside and before him, lying on the sewer tunnel floor, was Commissioner Lynx bound and gagged. Her eyes were still closed due to her unconsciousness but eventually, she would wake. Then, she would know the truth.

She would be the bait to trap Robin. After that, with Robin and Commissioner Lynx dead for all of Gotham to see, no one would dare oppose him. Not even their revived newcomer, Batman.

The thought was exhilarating. So exhilarating, in fact, he couldn’t contain the smile that touched his lips.

Harley, noticing his expression, began to grin broadly. “See? Wasn’t this genius?”

The Penguin walked past them, tapping his cane jovially against the stone of the tunnel. “Get her to a secure location.”

“What are you going to do?” Pamela called after him.

He looked back. “I’m about to take over Gotham.”

He tipped his hat and disappeared into the cold darkness.

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