Movie Review Flashback: My Favorite Portion of the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Teaser Trailer

Three days ago Marvel Studios surprised everyone with a sudden debut of the Avengers: Infinity War teaser trailer. It was absolutely incredible and still makes me happy every time I see it. I’ve seen a lot of trailers in my time but this one was really epic. Here’s another look at it.

Anyway, the teaser was Marvel-ous and I’m here to talk about my favorite portion of the trailer because this teaser was so good I couldn’t just pick one clip. So, I’m going to talk about the clips that really stood out in the last half of this trailer. Enjoy!

The Hulk-Buster Returns!


First, I loved this Iron Man suit in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s really one of the only things that can actually defeat The Hulk in a one on one fight. Two, it’s the beginning of the phase of the trailer that’s just beyond epic. The music, when the Hulk-Buster appears, sounds so amazing it gives me chills every time.

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‘The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’ Is the Best Thing on Netflix

Netflix has a lot. I’m talking a whole heck of a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to find really incredible series and movies on this streaming service because so much of it is often subpar but The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is truly…extraordinary.

Presenters Caroline Quentin and Piers Taylor, an actor, and architect, are invited to some of the most incredible houses in the world, leaving you utterly riveted, awed, inspired, and slack-jawed as you enjoy, through the television screen, these captivating homes.

I’m talking about houses that literally look like they’re out of a movie but are actually real. Want a peaceful binge-watchable television series to watch on Netflix? Please take a look at this series. It doesn’t disappoint.

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The Stormtroopers: Part 25

FN-3043 was sleeping peacefully. That was until he felt something cold and metallic tap his forehead.

He woke with a start, his fists raised to inflict harm. His eyebrows furrowed as he beheld the same medical droid that he had talked to earlier that day standing in front of him.

“Um…hello?” he said.

“Hello sir, I’m sorry to wake you but I have been given a message,” the droid said.

FN-3043 looked around the dormitory’s sleeping quarters and was relieved to see that everyone else was still asleep.

“What are you doing here?” he whispered.

The droid cocked its elongated head made of black metal.

“I was sent to give you a message.”

3043’s blond eyebrows scrunched.

“But aren’t there specific droids for that?”

The droid seemed to straighten.

“I have been assigned to help you. That is my requirement as of now.”

He nodded, rubbing his tired eyes.

“Okay, what’s the message then?”

“It’s from Supreme Leader Kylo Ren.”

FN-3043’s head shot up.

“He wants to speak with you immediately.”

3043’s jaw dropped.

The Supreme Leader wanted to speak with him? Immediately. He suddenly remembered when he was in the palace on Naboo spying on the Supreme Leader. He recalled Kylo Ren saying to Snoke’s gigantic apparitional body, “I’ll deal with them (he and FN-1217) later.”

FN-3043’s heart began to pound in his chest.

“Sir,” the droid said.

3043’s attention snapped back to the present.

“I would hurry if I were you. He doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

3043 understood that subtle warning. He sprung from bed, hurriedly putting on the same clothes that he had been given when he awoke earlier that day. The droid watched him and as soon as he finished dressing the droid pressed down the clothes with a simple swipe of its hands.

“You must look presentable before the Supreme Leader.”

“Yeah,” FN-3043 said.

“Let’s go,” the droid said.

As the robot turned to leave the sleeping quarters FN-3043 couldn’t help feeling a sickening sense of dread.

The Three-Decade-Old Film ‘Outbreak’ is Taking Netflix By Storm

Twenty-five-years ago in 1995 big-name actors such as Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman joined forces to star in an action film focused on the horrifying outbreak of a  deadly contagious virus. Sounds familiar, huh?

I’ve never of the film a day in my life but thanks to the infamous COVID-19, it’s now one of the most-watched movies on Netflix. And guess what? My family and I ended up watching it as well.

Outbreak isn’t a good film, far from it, but its relevancy to the very events that plague the world at this moment made me watch the entire movie from beginning to end. There were deaths, there were panic and mass hysteria, but at the film’s conclusion, humanity had prevailed. A cure had been found and lives were being saved.

In a time when it seems like this very year of 2020 has been somewhat shut down it’s nice to see a film that highlights the power of the human spirit even under such dismal circumstances.

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‘Ratatouille’ Is Actually Pretty Good!

A little over a decade ago my sister and I watched Ratatouille for the first time. We didn’t like it that much. And yet, thanks to Disney+, we got to watch it and I was pleasantly surprised.

As a child, some of the film’s themes were a bit too mature for me to understand and I ended up not being able to follow the story that well or feel any emotional connection to it. But, as a young adult, the movie shined in ways I wasn’t expecting.

No, this isn’t one of those Pixar movies that’ll make you cry your eyes out (well, at least it didn’t make me cry) but it did touch my heart with a touching storyline that left me laughing and riveted through its entirety.

Unsurprisingly, this is yet another Pixar hit.

I’m giving this movie 91 out of 100 4 out of 5 stars.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

The Stormtroopers: Part 24

FN-3043 dashed to his friends who, in turn, sprinted to him as fast as their injured bodies could take them. FN-2358 was the first to tackle him, her laughter filling his ears as he spun her around.

“Double-Three, you’re alive,” she exclaimed in disbelief.

She pulled away from him, held his face in her hands, and kissed both of his cheeks.

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