Have You Seen ‘Washington’?

I’ve grown a love of reading American history after delving into the riveting and absolutely fascinating nonfiction book, John Adams, written by two-time Pulitzer-winner, David Mccullough. Recently I finished 1776, which features the story of the crucial year in the Revolutionary War. I tried to read the book two times at first, couldn’t get through it, and then I finally sat my butt down and started to delve into this important period in my country’s history and I was sucked in.

The book was one of the best I’ve read, unsurprisingly, and I quickly discovered the true and courageous spirit of America and why I love the United States so much. After reading the book I actually began to wish someone would remake the Revolutionary War in a movie sort of fashion and low and behold, the History Channel did just that with a three-episode series simply titled, Washington. Continue reading Have You Seen ‘Washington’?

‘The Clone Wars’ Delivers a Riveting Second Episode

The Clone Wars is back and its second episode reaffirmed that by giving the fans what we wanted; more Anakin, some Obi-Wan and some Padme, all with the new clones and fan-favorite, Captain Rex, leading the story. The action was ramped up, the story feels like it’s getting somewhere, and the realization that the entire season takes place during the timeline of Revenge of the Sith is beyond exciting.

This Friday the story should get even more interesting after the second episode’s intriguing conclusion and I’m hoping that it’s all leading to the horrifying slight-reveal of the clones troopers’ eventual doom at the hands of Order 66. Ooh, this is going to be a fun ride.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day. May the Force be with you.

The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY-FOUR)

Gloria stood in the eerily quiet cave she had grown to call home, tears wettening her face as the image of Robin’s hanging body pierced her thoughts. In the past month, she had fought alongside against the evil forces under The Penguin’s reign. They never found Commissioner Lynx nor did they discover who The Penguin really was. Not until it was too late.

Robin was going to take The Penguin down. He said the mission was too dangerous. That he should go alone. Batwoman had been on a mission of her own as she strove to take The Penguin’s compatriots, Harley Quinn and the villainess now known as Poison Ivy, down. Gloria had wanted to join him. She told him he would need her help.

“Whatever happens to me, I’ll be okay knowing that you’ll still be here,” he had told her. Those were the last words he ever said to her. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY-FOUR)