‘WandaVision’ Is Becoming the Marvel Disney+ Series I’m Most Looking Forward To This Year

When it was first announced last year the sleight of Disney+ series coming to the streaming service pertaining to the MCU WandaVision wasn’t one of the series I was most excited to see. Of course, I was very intrigued to see Scarlet Witch and Vision back together again but the concept of the series felt a bit strange and I didn’t know what to feel about the series.

Now, after the short teaser released footage for WandaVision, my intrigue in this series has grown more and more. And mainly because I feel that this series will feature some of the best (and strangest) storytelling in the MCU. Nothing like it has been made before under Marvel Studios, making this something that feels fresh and new.


To make matters even more intriguing, it seems to be following the storyline that’ll eventually lead to Wanda Maximoff’s turn to villainy. We see Wanda in this black-and-white setting with tears in her eyes, as if she’s been part of some horrible prank and now she’s starting to realize what’s really going on.

Don’t forget, this series will not only feature Wanda and Vision but will also bring two previous characters back into the limelight, Deputy Task Force agent Jimmy Woo (Ant-Man and the Wasp) and Darcy Lewis (Thor and Thor: The Dark World). It also will feature Teyonah Parris as grown-up Monica Rambeau which should be truly awesome if she does end up embodying her superhero persona.

And I think I finally now know why it’s called WandaVision. Each episode will seemingly be featured in three different decades, the 60s’, the 70s’, and the 80s’ in a classic sitcom sort of format. So, since it’s like a television show but it’s surrounding Wanda and her robot boyfriend, Vision, it’s appropriately WandaVision. So brilliant!

Ooh, I can’t wait to see the official trailer for this series. It’s going to be so good!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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