Movie Review Flashback: ‘Aladdin’ Is the Best Disney Movie I’ve Seen in Years

Last year Aladdin arrived in theaters to mixed reviews. While some enjoyed it most felt like it was a bland interpretation of the classic animated film…however, it would still go on to make a little over a billion dollars. A couple of days ago Aladdin became available to watch on Disney+ and because my family and I were interested in the film, mainly to see how Will Smith injected new life into the infamous Genie, we decided to watch it.


At first, the film started a little rapidly and I found myself beginning to understand why the film received mediocre reviews. And then…as the story continued onward and the narrative began to slightly stray from the animated version I started finding myself invested in the film, which clearly grasped me from the beginning with its STUNNING visuals. I mean, gosh these Disney movies are eye-catching.


When Will Smith’s Genie showed up, however, I was pretty much sold. He was so funny, so fantastic, and his rendition of “Friend Like Me” was absolutely perfect. I could not stop smiling…and neither could my family. Continue reading Movie Review Flashback: ‘Aladdin’ Is the Best Disney Movie I’ve Seen in Years

Throwback Friday: Taskmaster: Who’s Beneath The Mask?

It’s less than two months away from Black Widow entering theaters and the main question I’m having about this movie is who is Taskmaster? Who’s behind the mask? Here are my theories and the reason behind these theories.

POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD! Continue reading Throwback Friday: Taskmaster: Who’s Beneath The Mask?

Prepare for The Stormtroopers

Stormtroopers are some of the coolest characters in Star Wars. They’re funny but they can also be heroic. Just look at Finn. For my newest fan fiction adventure, I’m excited to share with you a story focusing on three First Order stormtroopers and the dramatic unfolding of a single mission.

There will be action, there will be some surprises, but most of all, it is another Star Wars story which highlights the perseverance of humanity.

I can’t wait for you to read it starting tomorrow.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day. May the Force be with you, always.