Movie Review Flashback: ‘Aladdin’ Is the Best Disney Movie I’ve Seen in Years

Last year Aladdin arrived in theaters to mixed reviews. While some enjoyed it most felt like it was a bland interpretation of the classic animated film…however, it would still go on to make a little over a billion dollars. A couple of days ago Aladdin became available to watch on Disney+ and because my family and I were interested in the film, mainly to see how Will Smith injected new life into the infamous Genie, we decided to watch it.


At first, the film started a little rapidly and I found myself beginning to understand why the film received mediocre reviews. And then…as the story continued onward and the narrative began to slightly stray from the animated version I started finding myself invested in the film, which clearly grasped me from the beginning with its STUNNING visuals. I mean, gosh these Disney movies are eye-catching.


When Will Smith’s Genie showed up, however, I was pretty much sold. He was so funny, so fantastic, and his rendition of “Friend Like Me” was absolutely perfect. I could not stop smiling…and neither could my family.

I’m a bonafide Disney fan. I’ve watched nearly all of the classic animated films, I love Frozen and Tangled. I love Coco and Beauty and the Beast. I LOVE The Lion King. I love Disney!

My sister and father, eh, not so much. My sister, surprisingly, enjoys Tangled just as much as I do but she’s not a fan of Frozen. And the songs? Not a fan. My father is even less of a fan of the Disney films. So imagine how surprising it was that Aladdin was SO GOOD every single one of us enjoyed the film from front to back, even with the songs. It was a mind-blowing experience.

I cannot express to you how happy this movie made me.


My sister and I had just recently watched the animated version after having not seen it in maybe thirteen-fifteen years so our knowledge of the film was fresh in our minds. I’m going to say it. The live-action version is WAY better.


I loved the twist of having Jasmine aspire and eventually fulfilling her wish to be a sultan. It was a powerful change that gave her more depth and made her someone worth inspiring little girls growing up.

I also just loved, loved, loved the humor. I could not stop laughing and smiling at all of the lovable moments in this film.

Having the Genie fall in love and eventually have a family with Jasmine’s servant, Dalia, was another change of storytelling that I deeply appreciated in the story, for it also gave The Genie more storytelling beyond simply his awarding servitude.

Oh my goodness, I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at this. Aladdin is amazing. Don’t believe the mediocre reviews because this movie is truly amazing. Fun for the whole family and with plenty of inspiring messages laced throughout, this is easily the best live-action Disney movie I’ve seen.

It far exceeds Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book which I easily discerned to be the two best live-action remakes so far. And now, I cannot wait to see the live-action rendition of The Lion King. I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing!

I’m giving Aladdin 4.75 out of 5 stars and 97 out of 100. It was nearly perfect but because it started a little slow it’s not an entirely impeccable film.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.

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