The Ten Ugliest Deaths in ‘Star Wars’

I found this post I wrote a couple of years ago and because it felt humorous I decided to reshare it. Enjoy!

At first thought, Star Wars is a very family-friendly franchise. There is never too much violence, zero over-the-top sexual themes (well, besides the adult implications between Kylo and Rey, lol) and very mild cursing. That’s part of the reason why these movies are so much fun to watch. Whether you’re 5 or 85 you can enjoy these films to the height of enjoyment and never have to worry about any suggestive content. But, while Star Wars is clearly made for the masses it does contain its memorable moments–specifically deaths–that can leave a chill down your spine. That’s what this post is about. Which ten deaths have I found to be the worst in Star Wars? Here’s my list.

10. Boba Fett

Boba Fett

Boba Fett was easily one of the coolest characters in the original Star Wars trilogy. Unfortunately, he didn’t last very long and ended up suffering the fate of being eaten over a thousand years in the belly of a Sarlaac. That’s nightmarish.

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An Incredible Mash-Up of Heroic Women Throughout My Favorite Franchises

It’s International Women’s Day and that means it’s time to deliver the ultimate mash-up of my favorite heroines from Star Wars, Marvel, and just cinema in general. Enjoy!

Captain Phasma


Powerful, fierce, this chrome-domed villainess was everything the trilogy needed…and more. Continue reading An Incredible Mash-Up of Heroic Women Throughout My Favorite Franchises

The Stormtroopers: Part 2

Suddenly, the shuttle jerked violently, tossing stormtroopers to the right wall.

“Hold on!” the black-pauldron trooper ordered.

The troopers grabbed anything they could as the ship lurched this way and that.

“What’s going on?” asked FN-3043 over the roar of the ship’s motor.

FN-1217 looked back at him.

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