The Stormtroopers: Part 2

Suddenly, the shuttle jerked violently, tossing stormtroopers to the right wall.

“Hold on!” the black-pauldron trooper ordered.

The troopers grabbed anything they could as the ship lurched this way and that.

“What’s going on?” asked FN-3043 over the roar of the ship’s motor.

FN-1217 looked back at him.

“We’re under attack,” he replied.

3043’s eyes widened beneath his helmet. There was a loud noise that sounded like an explosion. A second later the ship plunged.

“It looks like we’re heading for a bumpy landing,” the black-pauldron trooper announced. “Hold on tight!”

The stormtroopers clutched their handholds with all of their might. The vessel’s motor whined in protest as the craft plummeted to the unseen world below. And then as the ship came into contact with the ground every stormtrooper yelled as they were launched violently to the floor.

The cabin’s lights turned off. Sparks flickered intermittently. And most of the troopers were knocked unconscious.

All except for FN-3043.

With a groan, he crawled forward. The shuttle’s ramp was hanging ajar from the crash, allowing him to crawl outside. With labored breaths, he looked up into the night and saw chaos.

First Order transports were barraged by laser fire. Stormtroopers were yelling and hauling injured soldiers to “safety”. And random explosions caused the ground to tremble.

FN-3043 took in the pandemonium and was stunned.

What was happening?

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