Disney Plus Has a Lot

There’s a consensus going around that Disney+ isn’t exactly worth owning after The Mandalorian‘s first season came to an end but I would like to say otherwise. Disney+ is an absolutely essential streaming service to have, specifically if you have children. This service has SO MUCH.

From Disney animated classics, all of the Pixar greats, Star Wars galore, and PLENTY of Marvel content, but what has struck me the most and has actually become my favorite category on the streaming service is National Geographic.

There is so much content we’re still discovering under National Geographic and so much of it is actually REALLY interesting. Such as the nature show, Hostile Planets, narrated by Bear Grylls. The show taught me a lot and showed me things I’d never seen before, which is rare among these nature shows that seem to show the same thing over and over again.

There’s also another really good show called One Strange Rock featuring Will Smith that showcases the amazing phenomenons about the planet we inhabit called Earth. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Disney+ has not only been a vessel for sheer entertainment but it’s managed to educate me about things I previously had no idea about, making this streaming service far greater than I ever could’ve expected.

If you’ve been on the fence on owning this service I highly recommend it. There’s a lot to love on this service for all ages and that’s what makes Disney+ so special.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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