The Stormtroopers: Part 6

FN-3043’s gaze took in the monstrous creature with wide eyes. Its gaping maw filled with a stacked row of fangs the length of his forearm was slathered in saliva, its long spiked tail slithered across the ground, raking up dirt, and its body, covered in maroon scales, gleamed, but most frightening of all were its yellow eyes. Its eyes gleamed with a terrifying hunger that felt almost paralyzing to observe.

As the beast raised its massive claw there was only one thing he could say.


Troopers scurried in all directions screaming as the beast swung ferociously at anything that moved. He could feel the wind on his back from the creature’s massive claw as it barely missed him. He didn’t dare look back. Until he heard a woman’s scream.

He whirled and saw, to his great dismay, FN-2358 in the clutches of the monster.

“Two-Three!” he cried.

Despite his pounding heart and the fear that filled him he ran toward the creature, shooting at its face.

“Two-Three!” he yelled again as she struggled in its grasp.

FN-1217 tried to grab him but missed.

“Double-Three, come back here!” Seventeen yelled.

But 3043 wasn’t listening. He had to save his friend.

2358 screamed at him, “Run! Run!”

“Two-Three!” he hollered. “Hold on!”

The monster stomped at him but he managed to roll out of the way just in time. As he hurriedly rose to his feet he was caught in the side by the creature’s free claw.

He was sent flying through the air and landed on his back. His breath, unsurprisingly, was knocked from him. He tried to get up but his breathless form wasn’t allowing him to.

Through his black-dotted vision, he could see FN-2358 screaming and shooting desperately at the creature who held her in its vile clutches. And then, as a laser blast caught its eye the monster bellowed.

In its anger, the creature violently slung Two-Three away. She collided with a tree and fell to the ground where she lay completely still.

“Two-Three!” he cried.

The creature howled victoriously. And then there was a flicker of movement in his peripheral vision.

He looked and saw a tall man in dark robes standing to his left. A humming blade ignited into crimson brilliance in the man’s right hand.

FN-3043 gasped. He didn’t dare to believe but there was no denying who was standing before him.

“Kylo Ren?” he breathed.

The man turned his pale face toward him before charging the monster.


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