A Big Twist Delivers an Exciting Fifth Episode for ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

Survivor: Winners at War has been a really fun season so far with some of the best gameplay in the first six tribal councils. In the last three weeks, we’ve seen the “Old-Schoolers” (I’m dubbing the returning players from Seasons 1-20 as the Old-Schoolers) get a wakeup call in this new-school way of playing the game. First, it was Ethan Zohn blindsided by his “New-School” tribemates, then Tyson Apostol who, led by Sandra, was ousted by an incredible blindside he, of course, didn’t see coming, and then Rob Mariano who was FINALLY voted off when his fellow tribemates were able to see through his renown bamboozling.

Rob would find himself on the hot seat due to a huge twist that put a monkey-wrench in the relationships created so far. The two tribes of fifteen combined were split into three tribes of five people, showcasing a whole lot of switcheroos. One such pairing that was honestly cringe-worthy to watch was Michelle and Wendell’s pairing, considering that the two recently dated and broke up under bad circumstances but were forced to be together on an island.

The tension was legitimate and even I was uncomfortable. This should be a very interesting storyline moving further and I wonder if Michelle will get the last laugh as she sends Wendell packing. We’ll see.

Keep an eye out for Michelle and Parvati as a fierce power duo. Simply observing, it seems like together they can do some serious damage. And with Nick clearly infatuated by Parvati, considering that she was his high school crush, they can easily get the numbers and run their newly realized tribe as the matriarchs that they are. We’ll see what happens.

Sandra is on a new team as well but it seems like she’s staying clear of the hot seat…at least for now.

That leads me back to Rob Mariano who would find himself stuck on a tribe with two scorned former tribemates. He tried to use old tactics to control his fellow male tribemates into voting off either Sandra and Sophie but guess what, these are all former winners he’s contending with. They won for a reason, Boston Rob.

Because every player on this season is a legitimate pro he was sent packing for treating his fellow tribemates, Ben Driebergen and Adam Klein like mindless followers and boy was I satisfied. About time!

It’s very likely that a “New-School” player will win this season but is it because they’re better players or is it because we’ve seen players like Tyson and Rob multiple times so it’s the proof at how dangerous they really are? These newer players haven’t had as large a resume and the seasons they won could sometimes be deemed as lamer seasons with players who weren’t nearly as cunning as the likes Rob, Tyson, Sandra, Parvati, Yul, Kim, or Ethan had to play against.

It’s an interesting season and I can’t wait to see how this thing plays out.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.


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