The Stormtroopers: Part 9

Before FN-3043 could react to the X-Wing flying low over the forest canopy straight in their direction FN-1217 was dragging him away from FN-2358’s limp form.

“Let me go!” 3043 screamed. “Let me go!”

“There’s no time!” Seventeen exclaimed.

3043 lifted his gaze and sure enough, X-Wings were racing across the sky amidst tense dogfights with First Order TIE fighters. The Resistance fighters’ red lasers streaked toward the First Order’s few remaining functional modes of transport, reducing them to blazing bundles in the clearing.

FN-3043 hollered as burning shrapnel from the explosions nearly collided into him.

“Come on!” FN-1217 yelled.

Together 3043 and Seventeen ran deeper into the forest in the direction that the troopers and Kylo Ren had gone. Explosions shook the night as the X-Wings wreaked havoc on Naboo’s forest floor. 3043 was frankly surprised he wasn’t dead yet as he dodged the lasers’ fiery blasts.

“Look!” Seventeen yelled as he pointed forward.

3043 did as he said and gasped.

Straight ahead was a massive fortress only visible from the light of the moon. Its domed rooves gleamed with jewels and tall, foreboding statues stood like guards outside its entrance.

An X-Wing raced by overhead followed by a pursuing TIE fighter. 3043 watched as the X-Wing’s pilot made an incredible maneuver that forced the X-Wing up and over the palace’s domed roof.

The TIE fighter could not perform the same trick.

The TIE fighter crashed into the building, transforming into a ball of fire as it plummeted toward the forest floor in the direction of FN-3043 and FN-1217.

“We’re not going to make it,” 3043 said.

“Yes, we are,” Seventeen said.

FN-1217 grabbed 3043, half dragging him as they ran as fast as they could to the palace’s entrance.

With a courageous yell, they both leaped forward into the palace just as the TIE fighter crashed in a fiery explosion behind them.

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