Fan Art Wednesday

Oh man, I have waited for this day since the past weekend. My sister has drawn some amazing pieces of art and I have been so excited to share them with you. So, with no further delay, here they are.

The Empowering Princess Leia


For International Women’s Day, my sister drew this beautiful piece highlighting the two most impactful and inspiring heroines in the Star Wars franchise. Continue reading Fan Art Wednesday

My Review of ‘Frozen II’

Before I write this review of Frozen II let me say this, I’m an avid 21-year-old Frozen fan. Translated: I’m not as obsessed with the film as little girls surely are but I have seen it multiple times and am a fan of the songs, particularly “Let It Go” which I sing to myself all of the time. So, once again, I love Frozen.

The film subverted what I’ve come to expect with Disney princess movies and told a modern-age story that felt poignant, inspiring, and downright beautiful. Plus, being someone who has a sister that I love to death, it made the story that much sweeter.

When Frozen II came out I couldn’t wait to eventually see it. The reviews weren’t scintillating but I was still intrigued.

Now, is Frozen II better than the first one? Easy answer, no, which isn’t surprising considering that the film didn’t even garner an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, but it was pretty entertaining. There are things about the film that I really liked and things that I felt didn’t connect this time around. So, I’ll detail this review in a pros and cons sort of fashions. Let’s get those cons out of the way first. Continue reading My Review of ‘Frozen II’

The Stormtroopers: Part 12

FN-3043 crept slowly down the dark hall before him. His heavy breaths and his armored footsteps seemed to echo off the hall’s stone walls.

“I can barely see,” he complained.

“Well you’re the one who wanted to go this way,” FN-1217 commented snarkily.

3043 looked back at him. There was suddenly a sound up ahead.

The two troopers immediately stopped and raised their blasters. They waited tensely for something to step out of the shadows at them but after a long minute, they realized there was nothing. The noise probably had come from a scurrying critter. Sighing, they continued on.

They soon found themselves at a door that was partially cracked. The distinct noise of battle waged outside. The troopers looked at one another.

“Ready?” FN-1217 asked.

FN-3043 nodded. “Ready.”

Seventeen yanked the door open and as they burst through the doorway ready to fight they found themselves on an overlook. Above them, the beautiful night sky was filled with the chaos of battle as X-Wings and TIE fighters flew this way and that. To the left, the forest was alight with fire caused by the many explosions within its interior. To the right, a lake spread as far as the eye could see beyond a cluster of other beautiful buildings that made their way down to the lake’s shores.

FN-3043 took off his helmet, relishing the cool breeze that ruffled his blond hair.

“It’s beautiful,” he said.

FN-1217 removed his own helmet as well, nodding appreciatively as he beheld the stunning view.

“Yes. It is.”

3043 suddenly noticed movement to his right and looked. Kylo Ren, at the end of the overlook about a hundred meters away, was donning his hood and entering another door. FN-3043’s eyebrows furrowed.

“What are you up to?” he whispered.