The Stormtroopers: Part 14

With their decision to trail the Supreme Leader finalized, FN-3043 and FN-1217 ran to the door that Kylo Ren had passed through, the wind battering their faces. The cool breeze seemed to grow stronger as they stopped before the mysterious entrance.

The noise of the dogfights ensuing in the sky above them between the TIE fighters and X-Wings could be constantly heard in the background. FN-3043 turned his blue eyes toward FN-1217’s dark brown ones.

“Are you ready?”

Seventeen’s expression was stern. “Let’s just get this over with.”.

With a deep breath, 3043 opened the door. He immediately pointed his blaster forward, quietly walking forward, tensely waiting for an attack. FN-1217 trailed him just as quietly, protecting his rear. As the door quietly closed behind them FN-3043 was taken aback by how dark the room was.

Even without his helmet, he could barely see as they crept forward to what appeared to be another hallway. The corridor was narrow and dimly lit from a red stone that glowed softly in the gloom.

“This place doesn’t feel right,” Seventeen whispered.

3043 looked back at him.

“What do you mean?”

1217’s eyebrows were scrunched.

“I can’t really explain. Just a feeling, I guess…”

3043 didn’t like the sound of that.

Suddenly he heard murmuring voices in the distance.

He didn’t hesitate to creep forward. He moved deeper into the corridor, his eyes peeled for danger, and at the end of the hall, he found a most interesting sight.

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren was kneeling in a circle to a ghostly figure the size of a giant. The massive man was cloaked in shadow but that didn’t mean FN-3043 couldn’t sense his malice.

“You said you could grant me great power. So far, I have been given nothing but lies,” Kylo Ren spoke.

The wraith’s fingers clenched its massive armrest.

“Lies?!” the man’s voice boomed. “How dare you try to belittle me, Supreme. Leader. Kylo Ren.

Kylo Ren stood. “You told me you were going to help me bring an end to the Jedi! Instead, I find nothing but more riddles!”

“And that is because you still have the mindset of a child,” the massive figure spoke in a scornful tone. “Still searching for acceptance. You thought that girl was going to join you and together you and she would rule the galaxy hand in hand.”

The man leaned forward into a shaft of moonlight. FN-3043’s eyes widened as he beheld the giant’s frightening features; a bat-like face, red eyes, long fangs.

“The truth hurts, doesn’t it?” the man whispered.

Kylo Ren ignited his red lightsaber, pointing it at the figure.

“Do not test me. I will destroy you.”

The giant leaned back into darkness.

“I have come,” Kylo continued, “because I believe the Force has led me to you.”

“And now you wish to use me in your fight against the Resistance?” the man presumed.

“Your power is unquestionable. You could be used as a great weapon against them.”

The man suddenly stood, the top of his head nearly grazing the ceiling.

“I am not for sale!” the giant boomed.

FN-3043 winced, moving back into the hall. To his dismay, the giant’s gaze turned in his direction, freezing him in his tracks.

“It seems that in your blindness for power you didn’t realize that you were followed, Kylo Ren,” the giant mused.

The Supreme Leader’s head turned and FN-3043 could feel his gaze meet his.

“Hatukga,” FN-1217 whispered behind him.



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