The Stormtroopers: Part 15

The creepy giant’s attention whipped toward the Supreme Leader.

“You were setting a trap, weren’t you?” the man thundered. “If I didn’t cooperate you were going to have those stormtroopers kill me!”

Kylo’s gaze fixed on the seething giant that stood before him.

“You already chose a side Seeth,” Kylo said. “I felt your presence in the Force but I also felt that your allegiances had changed. That you were helping Rey to build her new Jedi Order so that you could one day assume power over them all.”

Kylo stepped forward.

“I have grown powerful and unless you swear your fealty to me now I will end you. Permanently.”

Seeth laughed.

“You’ll end me with what? Your stormtroopers.”

“I can take care of you myself. I’ll deal with them later,” the Supreme Leader said dismissively.

FN-3043 gulped. He didn’t like the sound of that.

“You may have grown stronger in the Force but you’re still weak,” the giant said. “My powers have been subdued but now your anger is reawakening my desire to rule. I will be the most powerful being in the universe and you can’t stop that. Nobody can!”

The man raised his hands and FN-3043 could only watch in gaped-mouthed horror as the ceiling was torn apart chunk by chunk.

Seventeen tapped his shoulder. “We need to get out of here. Now!”

The two troopers sprinted back down the hall and through the door just as the darkroom exploded outward with the power of the giant’s anger. They fell to the ground as massive chunks of stone went flying, narrowly avoiding them. 3043 looked up and saw Kylo Ren flying backward through the air as if he was struck by one of the stones.

He landed squarely on the ground, the fierce breeze ruffling his dark hair about him. He pointed his lightsaber at someone behind 3043 and that caused the trooper to look back.

Seeth stood even taller, his giant form hurling stones at Kylo Ren as if he was throwing pebbles.

“I will never be defeated!” the man yelled. “The galaxy will cower beneath my power after I’m done with you!”

The Supreme Leader effortlessly slashed every boulder in half that was thrown at him as he walked forward. Seventeen grabbed 3043’s hand.

“We’re going to die if we stay here!” FN-1217 yelled.

3043 nodded.

The two troopers stood and ran across the overlook, boulders flying over their heads as the giant continued to assault Kylo with a deadly fury. They eventually reached the door that would lead them back to the palace’s courtyard but as FN-3043 looked back Kylo Ren was struck by one of the stones and was sent flying.

3043’s eyes widened.

“We have to help him!” he exclaimed.

FN-1217 looked at him with wide eyes, his locks flowing about his face.

“We can’t! We can’t fight that…thing!”

“We have to!” 3043 said. “He’s our leader!”

FN-1217 growled with exasperation. “If I die I’m going to kill you.”

3043 grinned. “I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

With that, they turned to face the giant.

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