The Stormtroopers: Part 16

FN-3043 chanced a glance at Kylo Ren who lay sprawled on the overlook several yards away amid a heap of rubble. Seeth stood nearly a hundred feet tall, his giant form a frightening thing to behold.

“Hey Bat-Face!” yelled FN-1217, shooting a quick succession of lasers at the massive man.

To the troopers’ dismay, the blaster fire seemed to only prick the creature’s furry hide.

“Oh, this is impossible,” Seventeen commented.

Seeth turned to them, a cruel fanged grin on his face.

“Did you really think your puny lasers could stop me?”

The man simply thrust his hand forward and the troopers were sent flying backward. FN-3043 landed hard on his back and the breath was momentarily knocked from him. Seeth chuckled.

“Pathetic,” the giant muttered.

A swarm of TIE fighters flew overhead, shooting directly at Seeth with deadly force. The giant simply stood his ground and with a wave of his hand the TIE fighters fell to the side, landing in fiery explosions among the buildings below.

FN-1217 slowly rose to one knee and hurriedly pulled 3043 out of sight behind a massive block of stone.

“Okay, you may be right,” FN-3043 said. “This is a bad idea.”

The giant’s laughter thundered.

“You will all cower before my power!” Seeth’s voice boomed. “The galaxy will know and fear my name! And no one will ever test me again!”

Suddenly the door that led into the palace’s courtyard slammed open and standing just yards away were five figures dressed in black robes, their faces hidden behind strange and eclectic black masks, wielding a variety of weapons.

3043’s blond eyebrows furrowed.

“Who are they?”

Seventeen’s brown eyes were wide.

“Those, are the Knights of Ren.”



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