Movie Review Flashback: My Review of ‘Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors’

In case you’ve got Disney+, here’s an old review of the animated Marvel film, Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors. Enjoy!

I’ve just recently gotten interested into Marvel’s animated cartoons and so I decided to watch Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors. I thought it was a tv show but it actually was a tv movie and for the most part I enjoyed it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse cast of characters in the movie. Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl (oh my goodness, I love Squirrel Girl.) America Chavez and Patriot. Quake and Dante. They were all such incredible characters that really opened my mind to the possibilities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ms. Marvel is undoubtedly going to make an appearance sooner rather than later in the MCU. Her character is such an important piece to The Avengers and with Captain Marvel arriving in her own standalone film next year I have a feeling we’ll see the Muslim teenage superhero by at least 2024 (which actually seems a long way from now when you look at it that way.)

My Conclusion of the Film


If you have children this is a great animated movie for them to watch. It’s a decently told story with a brilliantly diverse cast of young superheroes. It’s only an hour and a half long so it’s not too extensive of a film. And if your children are already familiar with Ms. Marvel this will only help increase their love of the character.

The one fault I had I with Secret Warriors was its tv movie soundtrack. There was a specific song or two that went along with the storyline but its pop-sounding vibe felt disjointed from the action-packed moments and it made for a somewhat annoying situation. But besides that I liked it.

I’d give it 84 out of a 100 and 3 out of 5 stars. While it clearly wasn’t the best animated movie I’ve ever seen in my life (or better than the Avengers Assemble series for that matter) it still was enjoyable to a certain extent.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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