The New York Times Has a Post Every ‘Star Wars’ Fan Should Read

The New York Times has some of my favorite movie reviews out there and so it was no time before I hurried to their site to see what they had to say about the latest Star Wars film. But along the way, I ran into this: ‘Star Wars’ Episodes I-IX, as New York Critics Saw Them.

Um…awesome! I had to read it. And it was nothing short of fascinating. Star Wars from the view of a New York Times Critic is something else. There are movies that are viewed with joy and love and others that considered with downright disgust. I urge to you read this post because it truly is a delight.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

Movie Review Flashback: My Review of ‘The Lion King’

The reboot of The Lion King was one of the highest-grossing films last year, making just north of $1.6 billion but was met with mixed reviews. While the visuals were praised immensely the main consensus was that The Lion King was a tired rehash of the previous film. As I watched the movie last night for the first time on Disney+ I was excited.

After my recent viewing of Aladdin which turned out to be quite the treat, I was expecting the same level of joy from The Lion King. And I was having a great time…until I wasn’t.


The first half wowed me, leaving me staring at the screen stricken with awe. Yes, it was very repetitive of the original film but guess what, The Lion King is perfect. No reason to try to get fancy and change something that is so fantastic. It was the second half of the film that left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Continue reading Movie Review Flashback: My Review of ‘The Lion King’

Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eleven

The storm lasted for three days. In the meantime, the four challengers, Valkyrie, Grunt, Hilda, and Maan rested and healed from their injuries. Now, under a cloudless blue sky, with the sun shining more beautifully than the Asgardians had seen in years, the crowning of a King had arrived.

Before the Great Hall, the whole of New Asgard’s population stood, awaiting their first female King in their people’s history. Valkyrie stood inside the Great Hall, her heart pounding in her breast as she prepared for the first time to stand before her fellow Asgardians as their official ruler. Continue reading Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eleven

‘Morbius’ Gets a Boring Teaser Trailer

Like VenomMorbius follows the evolution of a man’s evolution into a classic Spider-Man villain. But unlike Venom, which had big-name actor Tom Hardy at the helm, Jared Leto’s track record with comic book movies hasn’t been good.

In 2016, Jared Leto portrayed The Joker in Suicide Squad and he was HORRIBLE. He is considered by most, including me, to be the worst version of The Joker and since then Leto kind of disappeared. Well…he’s back…as a vampire…in a comic book movie. Here’s the trailer.

Continue reading ‘Morbius’ Gets a Boring Teaser Trailer

Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Ten

Valkyrie grinned savagely as Grunt charged her. She had been waiting for this moment to teach him a lesson. His thundering approach shook the ground but as he came within a leg’s length away she rolled out of the way, unsheathing her sword in the process. There was a roar from the crowd and when Valkyrie chanced a look she saw Hilda and Maan going at it fiercely across the clearing, their silhouettes bathed in a fiery glow amidst the flames.

There was another roar, this one much closer since it came from Grunt, as he twisted in mid-charge to assault her. Valkyrie nearly committed whiplash to evade his swinging punch at her face before bringing her sword up to slash him. To her great surprise, he grabbed her blade in midair and slammed a fist into it, providing a substantial dent in the metal.

Valkyrie stumbled backward, her mouth agape in disbelief. Grunt saw her shock and grinned ferally. Continue reading Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Ten

Marvel Women vs. ‘Star Wars’ Women: Who Is Greater?

In the past decade, there has been a steady positive increase in the way women are portrayed through movies and television. In 2017, the three highest-grossing films were all led by women; Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, and Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. That’s a powerful realization when just a few years ago men still highly dominated the blockbuster realm. Today Hollywood is showing more women than ever, not as damsels in distress but instead as complicated, strong women who don’t need men to dictate their every action or sway their minds. That’s pretty great. And the trend is only continuing.

With critically-acclaimed shows like Big Little LiesOrange is the New Black, and The Handmaiden’s Tale or movies like the upcoming reboot of Charlie’s AngelsTerminator: Dark Fate which highlights the first female Terminator, or the recent news that we’ll see Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel) take the baton as the new 007, Hollywood is finally comprehending the power of women of all races in entertainment. Love it!

So today, in honor of all of the powerful ladies of cinema, I’m going to compare ten magnificent female Marvel women against Star Wars’ ten greatest heroines. Enjoy!

(This is a long read.) Continue reading Marvel Women vs. ‘Star Wars’ Women: Who Is Greater?