A Movie Ranking: Amy Adams

Amy Adams is an acclaimed actress garnering, so far in her career, six Oscar nominations and eight Golden Globe nominations, including two Golden Globe wins. I’ve seen a few movies with her and so I wanted to highlight her for this week’s A Movie Ranking. Enjoy!

4. Justice League

Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher in Justice League (2017)

Justice League shouldn’t have come out in 2017. It did. Bad idea. The movie wasn’t ready, the script was poorly constructed, and the introduction of three new superheroes only helped make the movie that much worse.

Lois Lane was a cog for Superman’s story, nothing else, unfortunately.

3. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Once again, Amy Adams would have to play the damsel-in-distress role of Lois Lane whose story, while important to the movie, felt a bit out of place in the whole scheme of things.

2. Man of Steel

Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne, Christopher Meloni, Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, Richard Schiff, Michael Shannon, Ayelet Zurer, Dylan Sprayberry, Samantha Win, and Rebecca Buller in Man of Steel (2013)

There is no Superman without Lois Lane. Amy Adams does her best to bring depth to this iconic character but Lois is very basic.

1. Arrival

Forest Whitaker, Amy Adams, and Jeremy Renner in Arrival (2016)

Unsurprisingly, this is my favorite film of Adams. Finally, I got to see her acting chops and she didn’t disappoint. Arrival is one of the best science-fiction films I’ve ever seen and I thoroughly enjoy it upon every viewing.

Do you have any favorite Amy Adams movies? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.

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