The Stormtroopers: Part 30

FN-3043 stood straight and proud but his expression, hidden beneath his black and red stormtrooper helmet, was stricken with anxiety. He was standing atop a massive level overlooking rows and rows of stormtroopers sprawled before him.

It resembled the gathering of the troopers on Starkiller Base, an event that he remembered with great fondness. The temperature that day had been frigid and now, on another planet consisting of only mountains and ice named Narthor, it seemed even colder.

To either side of FN-3043 stood dozens of officers. Those dressed in their heavy, perfectly ironed black clothes, stern expressions on their pale and brown faces. And there, standing not three yards away, was Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and General Hux.

General Hux looked exhausted but viciously stoic. His striking blue eyes were red and his face was a sickly pale but he stood with an authoritative stance that deemed respect. And Supreme Leader Kylo Ren was an image of raw power in his sweeping black cloak and black robes.

His raven-black hair fluttered in the wind and his expression was almost regal despite a clear fact of menace that rolled off of him. FN-3043 couldn’t help admiring him.

“Step forward!” an officer, Commander from the badge on his black coat, yelled.

FN-3043 did as commanded.

He was trying to keep his breathing steady despite the thunderous pounding of his heart.

The Commander stepped in front of FN-3043.

“Raise your hand.”

FN-3043 raised his hand.

“Do you, from this moment forward, swear to lead the First Order to a grand victory over the Resistance?”

3043 nodded. “I do.”

“And to uphold the powerful image of the First Order?”

“I do.”

“And to do whatever is absolutely necessary to protect and aid the First Order?”

“I do.”

“Then step forth and present yourself to your army,” the Commander said.

FN-3043 walked forward to the edge of the overlook, his heart pounding in his chest.

“Salute your new captain, Captain Spere!” the Commander yelled.

Chills ran down his spine as every stormtrooper raised their hands and yelled in deafening salute. He had spent over twenty years training to be the best stormtrooper that he could be. Now he was being saluted by the very individuals that he once stood alongside.

He raised his chin. Yes, he had been a simple stormtrooper, but that was the first part of his journey. His new journey had just begun. His journey as Captain Spere.

The End

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