‘The Mandalorian’ Gave Us Jawas!

Ever since I saw I was a child seeing the Jawas for the first time they have been some of my favorite aliens in the franchise. They are so strange yet almost as fascinating as the very Jedi themselves.

The Mandalorian did something I would’ve never expected. The series gave us Jawas as Jawas should be; pesky, hilarious little scoundrels. A lot of times modern stories can tamper with past creations that were pretty much perfect in every sense of the word but The Mandalorian didn’t do that. Instead, it only built upon the comedic aspect of these short creatures and even gave us access to the cockpit of their iconic transports.

Sometimes, I just sit back and watch the live-action series in awe that it managed to handle the nostalgia aspect of the franchise so well.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day. May the Force be with you.

‘Spider-Man 3’ Has Gotten Lost in the Weeds

Spider-Man: Far from Home was an expected success, becoming the first Spider-Man movie to cross a billion dollars at the box office. Following the film there was a massive feud between Sony and Marvel Studios as each company struggled for control of the iconic superhero, leading to millions of fans, including me, to express our hope and sincere wish for Spider-Man to remain in the MCU.

Thanks to some negotiating, and some pleading on Tom Holland’s part, it was announced that Spider-Man would remain in the MCU for his next feature film and an Avengers type Marvel movie but that wasn’t all. His next film, currently dubbed Spider-Man 3 was supposed to come out next July and would’ve started filming this June.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 struck and apparently the Spider-Man sequel hasn’t made it onto Marvel Studios’ priority list, as of right now. Continue reading ‘Spider-Man 3’ Has Gotten Lost in the Weeds

That Night: Part 1

Valkyrie liked drinking. It took the stress of the day away. Walking into a fine establishment with other, like-minded individuals wanting to have a good time was part of the stress-relieving experience.

There were the normal occupants of the bar and then there were strangers. One particular stranger–a blond-haired dame with a revealing tight black suit that accentuated her various curves–kept gazing in her direction. Valkyrie rolled her eyes. She didn’t feel like being bothered tonight.

So she continued to drink, keeping her focus on the arm-wrestling individuals at the other end of the bar. Continue reading That Night: Part 1