Fan Art Wednesday

I love this day every week because each week presents something new. And I am very excited to share with you these new pieces. Here they are.

A Poster for Attack of the Clones


Attack of the Clones is me and my sister’s least favorite Star Wars film, but that doesn’t mean my sister wasn’t able to bring the story to life in an exceptional way through this reimagined movie poster.

Many would think the heart of this movie’s story is Anakin Skywalker and his romance with Senator Amidala but truthfully it is the clones that are the heart of this movie. These armored soldiers would be the creation Palpatine needed to bring about the destruction of the Jedi, making this poster all the more impactful. Continue reading Fan Art Wednesday

The Brilliance of ‘A New Hope’

I watched A New Hope a couple of days ago and found myself once again wowed by the fact that this was the first Star Wars movie. George Lucas is an absolutely brilliant writer, creating a story that still hasn’t been replicated to this day.

There are a lot of things about this film that displays why this movie ascended to instant fandom but the most brilliant about this film is its attention to detail and it’s lived-in qualities. Unlike most science-fiction movies, there are no stark clean settings or futuristic worlds that feel fictional. Star Wars is set in a world with buildings that look like they’ve been around for hundreds of years, clunky ships and casual garments, normal hairstyles and not-that-special-looking weapons (besides the lightsabers of course.) Continue reading The Brilliance of ‘A New Hope’

That Night: Part 2

A few nearby individuals heard the challenge and began to gather around. They didn’t want to miss the event of the night.

Valkyrie wasn’t usually nervous during drinking challenges (she won all of them) but Black Powder was a volatile substance. Incorporating it into a drink turned the beverage into practically a glass of acid. She had heard many frightening tales of those who had tried to intake the deadly powder. It was never a pretty result. She could only hope she wouldn’t become another member of that unfortunate group of reckless individuals. Continue reading That Night: Part 2