A Movie Ranking: Matt Damon

Matt Damon is one of the most easily recognizable actors in Hollywood, rising to fame with his incredible acting talent and his attention to storytelling when he helped garner an Oscar for co-writing Good Will Hunting. I’ve seen quite a few movies starring Matt Damon and so I thought it would be perfect to feature him this week. Enjoy!

11. Elysium

Matt Damon in Elysium (2013)

Several years ago, my family and I tried to watch Elysium. It was awful! I mean, unfinishable-type-of-awful. I don’t recommend it. Continue reading A Movie Ranking: Matt Damon

My Top 5 Favorite Songs from ‘Frozen’ and ‘Frozen II’

I will be the first to tell you, I’m a Disney fanatic and that means I LOVE the songs as well. I know a whole bunch of them, I love to memorize them and sing them while doing household activities, and I just simply love Disney songs.

Frozen and Frozen II has some of the best songs in the franchise, surprisingly rivaling even the songs of the classic animated Disney movies with tunes that feel modern, powerful, and beautiful/fun to listen to. After my second viewing of Frozen II the other day I knew I had to share with you my favorite songs from both films. So, with no further delay, here’s my ranking.

5. In Summer

Frozen and Frozen II have powerful and often dramatic songs that harbor a sense of sadness mingled with hope but Olaf’s songs are simply fun and funny and sometimes that’s all you need. Continue reading My Top 5 Favorite Songs from ‘Frozen’ and ‘Frozen II’

That Night: Part 3

Valkyrie and the man who had challenged her to a drinking duel filled the air with boisterous drunken laughter as they traipsed a bit unsteadily down the dark and mostly abandoned streets of Sakaar. The aftereffects of the dangerous Black Powder which had been incorporated into their normal mugs of Stout was beginning to settle in, leaving them much tipsier than normal, hence the ruckus. Continue reading That Night: Part 3