Throwback Friday: Daisy Ridley: From Rey to Batgirl?

Five years ago the relatively unknown Daisy Ridley rose to Hollywood prominence after she starred in the Star Wars revival, The Force Awakens, as the lead protagonist, Rey. Now she has become a household name, inspiring little girls and women alike in her role as the always-lovable, incredibly heroic Rey.

But her role as the iconic heroine is coming to an end and it’s time for our wonderful Ms. Ridley to move on. 😢

It seems that Warner Bros., however, may have something else in mind. They want to take the face of one of the greatest movie franchises and apply it to their own growing franchise with Daisy Ridley rumored to play the role of Batgirl. Yes, you heard correctly. Batgirl.

Now mind you, this is not Batwoman who is currently being played by Ruby Rose in the highly-anticipated series, Batwoman, on CW. If you’re wondering what the difference between Batwoman and Batgirl is, allow me to put your confusion at ease. Continue reading Throwback Friday: Daisy Ridley: From Rey to Batgirl?

‘Survivor: Winners At War’ Strikes Back with an Immunity Idol Knockout

Survivor: Winners at War has continued to impress me, delivering riveting episode after riveting episode as these players find new ways to make each week more and more interesting. This latest episode, War Is Not Pretty, has definitely been the best episode so far.

There was an awesome reward in Chinese takeout, Sarah gave up her reward to Nick because it was his birthday but the kind gesture only made these veterans skeptical, Michelle gave up her four Fire Tokens to gain a powerful advantage in the game in the form of a 50/50 Immunity Idol which will probably come into play sometime later in the game, paranoia at camp after the Immunity challenge was high, leading to a hilarious scramble from all eleven remaining players left in the game, oh wait, that’s not all. Continue reading ‘Survivor: Winners At War’ Strikes Back with an Immunity Idol Knockout

That Night: Part 4

Even though Valkyrie wasn’t pleased with having the man praise her for something she’d rather ignore she still hadn’t had this much fun with someone in a very long time. The man, who she had learned was named Tarthon after she told him she was an Asgardian, was a jovial person. He laughed at nearly everything he said and his likes and dislikes were very much like hers. The last time she had this much of a connection with someone was…

That’s where she stopped herself. Thinking of the past never did anything good for her. Continue reading That Night: Part 4