I Have a Confession about ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

I don’t know what happened. In a span of twenty-four hours, I watched this movie four times. Twice with my sister, twice with my sister and my dad. The first two times, I liked the first three-fourths of the film but wasn’t a fan of the final forty minutes. The second two times, I was an emotional wreck. It was as if a switch had been turned on in my brain and suddenly…I understood what the heck was going on. I could appreciate it, there are still choices I’m not fond of, but overall, heck yeah that’s a Star Wars movie I can kind of feel proud of.

So yeah, after months of complaining and tearing The Rise of Skywalker limb from limb I’m confessing my love for the film. It actually made me happy last night, I actually cried genuine tears, and I freaking got it. No, it isn’t perfect, but Abrams did what he could with a story that had to end. A story that he had a limited time in writing and what we were given was pretty darn good.

But, the only way for this to feel whole, is if Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and whoever else are willing to come back and finish this story. Rey’s story has just begun. A new era in the story of the Jedi is beginning and I want to see Rey’s journey continue. Please Disney, please give us more to this incredible story that needs to be fulfilled.

And it doesn’t have to be soon. It can be ten years from now…but we need this story to be continued because honestly, it feels very incomplete. Rey is now Rey Skywalker and has a yellow lightsaber. Finn has the Force. The writing is on the wall people. Disney, let’s do this!

I thank you for reading my confession and I hope you have a marvelous day. May the Force be with you.

I Love Zorii Bliss!

The Rise of Skywalker has its pros and cons but one thing I will never have a bad word to say about is Zorii Bliss, the coolest female Star Wars criminal I’ve seen since Zam Wesell in Attack of the Clones. From the moment she shows up in The Rise of Skywalker she manages to steal every scene with her awesome voice augmented by the helmet, her wicked-cool blasters, that eye-catching outfit that looks killer on her, and her no-nonsense attitude that has made me an immediate fan.

I’m telling you, I need more Zorii Bliss pronto because she is really, really cool.

This was simply a Zorii Bliss appreciation post. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you.

‘Dune’ Gets an Official Image featuring Timothee Chalamet and an Official Logo

Last year it was announced that Denis Villeneuve would be rebooting the epic 80s’ science-fiction film, Dune, modernizing it with a brand new cast that is totally STACKED. Here’s the link to that post: The Dune Reboot Is Stacked to the Rafters With Talent.

With so many movie premieres and productions being delayed due to COVID-19 it almost seems like the entertainment world has come to a complete halt. So imagine my surprise and excitement yesterday when the first image and logo for Dune arrived to grace the internet and bring joy to all of us who are missing the movie theater experience. I was ecstatic and now I’m eager to share with you the photo and logo.


This first official image, featuring Timothee Chalamet as lead protagonist Paul Atriedes, is simple but already looks like something that will be awesome to see in IMAX. Denis Villeneuve is a visually provocative director, providing an epic feast for your eyes with his utterly gorgeous films. I don’t know anything about Dune but I’m ready for this ride.


And just to make things better, here’s the logo. I’m in love with this design. Now we must simply await the first teaser trailer. Ooh, I’m excited!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

That Night: Part 8

Back in Valkyrie’s room, the frolicking had stopped, at least momentarily.

Valkyrie was sitting on the couch alongside Tarthon, still holding him in his arms.

“I haven’t felt like this about someone in…I don’t know how long,” she told him.

“Me neither,” he said, gazing at her with eyes full of longing and love. He stroked her hair. “I feel like I’ve known you all of my life but…I don’t even know your name.”

She saddened. “I don’t like sharing my real name because it makes me remember my past but, I guess you should know.”

He smiled. Continue reading That Night: Part 8