Art Transports Us

There are all sorts of forms of art but the art that grabs my attention the most are the ones that manage to transport me to another world. This piece does exactly that.


The fine lines give the piece a sense of sophistication, the pink cherry trees paint a stunning portrait that fills your insides with giddy warmth, and the background featuring green trees beyond the walkway provide a sense that the landscape is even grander from a bird’s eye view.

I wanted to share this piece because I love it so much and I hope it’s given you the same happiness it has given me.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

A Second Review of ‘Resistance Reborn’

When last I read this novel it was roughly three weeks before The Rise of Skywalker would enter theaters. At the time, Resistance Reborn, the prequel novelization to the final installment in the Skywalker Saga, was not what I expected or wanted. Despite having a story featuring all three major characters in the Sequel Trilogy–Rey, Finn, and Poe–the novel only truly focused on Dameron, a fact that I wasn’t very happy about at the time. It also told a story that was a bit slow and less epic than I expected, leading me to not liking the novel very much.

Now, after having seen The Rise of Skywalker a total of eight times I revisited the novel with a new lens on the story and surprisingly it was actually kind of really good.

Rebecca Roanhorse, the author of this touching prequel, tells a story highlighting the resilience of the Resistance and the shocking cruelty of the First Order in a telling fashion that perfectly sets up the events of The Rise of Skywalker.

No, there are epic lightsaber duels and whispers of a phantom menace returning from the depths of the dead (Palpatine.) Yeah, Poe’s handsome looks and good hair are frequently pointed out in this story to a slightly annoying level. I mean, I get it, he’s a good looking guy, but I don’t think it needed to be broadcast so grandly in this novel. And maybe I’m still a bit peeved that Finn and Rose’s romance was “just a moment” and was thus eradicated, which was even more apparent in the actual movie, but beyond these gripes that I have about the story I did appreciate the tale Roanhorse tried to elaborate.

The Resistance is in shambles but a small group of people willing to risk it all are slowly able to build the rebellious faction back to prominence simply through sheer will. It makes the victory the Resistance finally receive at the end of The Rise of Skywalker all the more heartfelt and Leia’s death seems to have more impact when you realize just how important she was to the Resistance’s own moral support.

If you like a calmer Star Wars novel that focuses more on characters’ and self-exploration rather than action and mystical works of the Force, Resistance Reborn is a book worth reading.

I’ll give this novel a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It’s not as good as the novelization of The Last Jedi or the riveting prequel novel to Rogue OneCatalyst, but it is somewhat enjoyable, particularly the novel’s last 100 pages.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a remarkable day. May the Force be with you, always.

My Top 20 Scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Part 2

Yesterday I shared the first five scenes in my top 20 favorite-scenes-in-the-MCU countdown. Now, it’s time for the next five. Let the countdown commence.

15. Captain America’s Startling Reawakening


Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America was thought to be dead but instead, he was frozen in time and thawed out in the 21st century. Say what you will about Captain America: The First Avenger. This is one of my favorite movie endings for a superhero movie ever. It’s such a fun way to introduce Captain America to our futuristic world and, for a bonus, it features Nick Fury too. Love it!

14. “What the f–?!”


Speaking about superhero movie endings, this is also one of my favorite. Part of Spider-Man’s story and the daily challenge is to keep his aunt, friends, and the world from knowing who he, Peter Parker, really is. Marvel Studios has thrown that scenario out of the window and it’s fitting, considering that Tony Stark broke that secret-hero narrative in Iron Man. This is a world where the heroes are known and that makes Spider-Man’s story a little more complex than before.

13. Who Can Lift Mjolnir?


From the first time I watched this scene to the last time I watched this scene, it has always managed to make me laugh.

12. Gamora’s Death


There isn’t much tragedy in the MCU. Avengers: Infinity War is full of it. This scene has always been haunting and even though Gamora was essentially revived in Endgame, it still hurts.

11. “And I am Iron Man.”


Avengers: Endgame isn’t the best superhero movie that I’ve ever seen but it has moments that are downright unforgettable, this being one of them. I knew Iron Man was going to die but at least his death arrived via the most epic sacrifice ever conceived in a superhero film. I love this scene and yeah, I cry like a baby every time too.

Oh, snap, tomorrow arrives the next five scenes for this countdown.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Four

New Asgard was filled with the buzz of the evening’s events. Everywhere Valkyrie walked people were looking at her with encouraging smiles and thumbs-ups or rude gestures and wicked grins.

To get some solitude she took the trail out of the town and followed it back to the cliffs where she had said goodbye to Thor. The beautiful sky was darkening thanks to a storm, matching the roiling emotions that were brewing in her stomach.

She sat down, her dark hair flowing about her face as she contemplated what she would have to face in the coming hours. Continue reading Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Four