‘Bad Boys for Life’ Confirmed My Gut Feeling: It’s Not That Good

I watched Bad Boys for Life the other day and unfortunately, it reaffirmed my gut feeling the first time I watched the trailer. I figured that the film wasn’t going to be that good, that the comedic aspect of the movie would feel wooden and that it was more of an action film than anything. Sure enough, as I sat with my family and forced myself to stay awake and watch the too-long two-hour and four-minute movie, it was everything that I expected, and I mean that in a bad way.

Yes, there is a legitimately shocking plot twist about three-fourths into the film that does make the story more complex but the movie suffers from a bland script filled with unnecessary cursing, Martin Lawrence’s acting feels like he hasn’t been in a big-time movie in a long while, making one a bit uncomfortable as you watch him struggle to deliver punch lines and supposedly tear-jerking moments with Will Smith’s Mike Lowrey.

All in all, unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of this movie. It isn’t even a comedy. It’s more of an action film than anything and the action wasn’t even that great. Plus, there are some new characters introduced to this story that are unnecessarily pretty when they don’t need to be. It’s simply a distraction that only makes the film less likable.

I wish I could say Bad Boys for Life was as good, if not even better, than Bad Boys. All this movie confirmed is how difficult and incredible Bad Boys is as a film. It was a one-hit-wonder, unfortunately.

I’m giving this movie a solid 75 out of 100 and 3 out of 5 stars. It’s very average, very underwhelming, and overall, my experience with the film was not great.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

One thought on “‘Bad Boys for Life’ Confirmed My Gut Feeling: It’s Not That Good”

  1. Interesting take on Laurence’s performance. I didn’t read too much into the awkwardness because his character was uncomfortable about coming out of retirement anyway. It was a fun ride for me. Not the very best it could have been in a number of ways but still fun.

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