I Love ‘The Sound of Music’

Okay. You know when you’ve heard of me but you don’t realize it’s actually really, really good until you sit down and watch it? Well, that was my experience with The Sound of Music.

For years, my life has been unknowingly permeated by this movie with its iconic songs playing occasionally on television in my presence but it wasn’t until I watched the movie until I realized why these songs are so iconic.

The Sound of Music is only the second Best-Picture winning musical that I’ve seen and boy did I have a blast watching it. An American in Paris is one of the best musicals that I’ve seen but honestly, I feel like this film is giving it a run for its money. Continue reading I Love ‘The Sound of Music’

‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Keeps Duking Out Great Episodes

It became official last week that Survivor: Winners at War was my favorite season of Survivor. Last week’s episode only solidified that statement.

Jeremy Collins is one of my favorite players that has ever played this game. His win on Survivor: Cambodia was legendary, resulting in an emotional final tribal council as he revealed his wife’s secret pregnancy. He would end up winning in an expected unanimous vote and it would turn out to be one of my favorite moments in Survivor.

For the past two weeks, Jeremy has been on the hot seat and for good reason. He’s a likable guy who’s managed to somehow make it to the merge. His fellow Survivor veterans know how dangerous he is and they want him gone. Continue reading ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Keeps Duking Out Great Episodes

‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Is a Fun Action Movie

I keep saying it time and time again, I wasn’t into the Fast and Furious franchise until The Fate of the Furious. Yeah, you diehard fans may have your favorite installment in the franchise but that was the first one that made me say, “Okay, this is pretty good.” And in the film, you have the lovable relationship between Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham.) Together, they make a fun experience as they talk cold smack to one another as they kick butt and save the world.

This is taken up a notch in Hobbs and Shaw as their lovable banter permeates the story in a really comedic and lovable way. But beyond the actual laugh-out-loud humor, this is a straight-up classic action movie with plenty of explosions, car chases, and lots and lots of hand-to-hand smackdown. Plus, you’ve got the cool heroes who you can’t help rooting for and the equally cool villain that brings everything into place. Continue reading ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Is a Fun Action Movie

Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eight

As the storm’s power increased Valkyrie hurried through New Asgard, ignoring the cheers of her supporters or the jeers of those hoping to see her fail. Through the noise of the thunderstorm, she could hear Grail’s voice calling after her but she didn’t have time to stop and chat. She had the battle to prepare for.

When she entered her small home and slammed the door shut behind her she stopped, suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. She paused for several seconds, forcing herself to remain calm and to forget the raw fear she was feeling deep down. She could still run.

“But you won’t,” she spoke out loud to herself.

With that declaration, she exhaled a long breath and turned on the light. Continue reading Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eight