Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eleven

The storm lasted for three days. In the meantime, the four challengers, Valkyrie, Grunt, Hilda, and Maan rested and healed from their injuries. Now, under a cloudless blue sky, with the sun shining more beautifully than the Asgardians had seen in years, the crowning of a King had arrived.

Before the Great Hall, the whole of New Asgard’s population stood, awaiting their first female King in their people’s history. Valkyrie stood inside the Great Hall, her heart pounding in her breast as she prepared for the first time to stand before her fellow Asgardians as their official ruler.

With her was the new Asgardian family that she knew would stand by her side through whatever upcoming challenge they would face. There was Grail, the elderly Asgardian turned fisherman who had befriended her shortly after Thanos’ arrival. And then there were the warriors who had, just a few days prior, had been her enemies; Hilda, Maan, and Grunt. They stood by her proudly as her personal commanders, ready to fight alongside her in a battle if the need ever arose.

And there stood Valkyrie, utterly resplendent in a golden suit of armor that gleamed even in the dimmer lighting of the Great Hall’s confines, a dark blue cape sat upon her shoulders, a new sword made of the strongest Asgardian steel sat on her hip, and a magnificent golden headdress that seemed to be half-helmet, half-crown rested atop her head, allowing her dark coils to course down her back.

Before her Volmas, tiny but unmistakably regal in a fur-lined golden robe, stood gazing at her with pride.

“I think Thor was right to appoint you the new King of Asgard. I’m proud of what you did at the Test of Valor. Never have I seen an Asgardian who allowed their fellow challengers to live, leastwise save their challengers. You will be a great King,” she said.

Valkyrie smiled. “Thank you. That means a lot.”

“Now go,” Volmas said. “Let your people see you.”

Grunt punched Valkyrie in the shoulder for support. Valkyrie absorbed his tough love with a smile before opening the doors of the Great Hall and stepping out into New Asgard where she was met with a deafening claim of approval by the Asgardians.

Overcome with emotion, she unsheathed her sword, raising it skyward, and yelled, “For Asgard!”

As the Asgardians echoed her cheer and only filled the air with even more noise she knew deep down, beneath the sun’s warm rays, that her fellow Valkyrie had been watching over her, waiting for her to reach this moment. Her destiny.

The thought brought a gleam of tears to her eyes.

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