I Just Learned Why People Love ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

Before I share my experience watching To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time let me elaborate with you my relationship with this story.

Last year during a visit to the library my mother found and checked out the iconic novel To Kill a Mockingbird. I had heard about this book for years and decided to try and read it. My sister read it first. She ran through it in a matter of days. It was potentially one of the fastest times I’ve ever seen her finish a book, specifically lately. I tried to read it after her and unfortunately I couldn’t get into it. I tried and tried and I made it about a quarter into the story before I gave up.

My mother implored me to finish it one day. Once I learned it had been adapted into a movie I would always reply, “I’ll watch the movie.” So I did…last night…and now I know why people love the book so much. The book that I now will have to read.


To Kill a Mockingbird, starring Gregory Peck who would go on to win an Oscar for Best Actor in this film (by the way, he looks EXACTLY as I imagined Atticus Finch to look in the novel which was AMAZING), started kind of slow just like the book but it soon built into a story that bluntly revealed the ugliness of our society in a truly heartbreaking and tear-inducing fashion.

I thought I knew how this story was going to end. I was horrified by the actual result.

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What’s Your Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Poster?

Who doesn’t love a good poster? For this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? I’m looking back at some of the greatest posters ever made; the Star Wars posters. Enjoy!

The Phantom Menace


With the classic drawn-look of the prequel trilogy posters we get to see all of the main characters of this story with young Anakin standing front and center and Darth Maul lingering in the background as a menacing (get it😉) presence. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Poster?

Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Eleven

Captain Anjor, a blond-haired human, was a stern woman whose goal to rise in the ranks of the First Order wasn’t happening quick enough for her liking. She had been stuck with the task of overseeing the operations on Kijimi; a job that proved a lot more difficult than she expected.

The pesky rebel cell in the city had hounded her every operation, catching the First Order by surprise. There were rumors. Rumors that she would be replaced and sent down even lower in the ranks if she continued to make a bad impression on the First Order. She couldn’t afford that to happen. Continue reading Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Eleven