3 Movies, 3 Opinions

Yesterday I watched three movies I had never seen before; Annie Hall, 9 to 5, and West Side Story. Both Annie Hall and West Side Story have won Best Pictures, broadening my knowledge of the Best Picture-winning movies. Today, I wanted to share my mini-reviews of each film. Enjoy!

Annie Hall


Before this, I had only seen one Woody Allen movie, Blue JasmineBlue Jasmine, starring Cate Blanchett, is absolutely amazing. I was hoping Annie Hall would be the same. In a way, it was. It’s very clear to see that Annie Hall revolutionized the way romance films were made, essentially becoming the building blocks of a romantic comedy, and for that, I can see its importance to cinematic history. Is it the best movie I’ve ever seen? Not by a long shot. And does it make me want to see more Woody Allen movies? Yes…and no.

Annie Hall tells the story of a 40-year-old bachelor/comedian who just can’t seem to settle down with any woman he meets. He finally finds this one woman, Annie Hall, and despite the fact that they are obviously meant for one another he just…can’t seem to keep from screwing stuff up between them.

The film is fun but not fully funny. It’s mostly witty with a chock load of crudeness thrown into the mix. Ultimately, the film is not one I will probably watch again.

4/5 stars

9 to 5


The next movie we watched was 9 to 5, a fun film that is pretty much the fantasy of every wrongfully treated woman who works under an obnoxious, annoying, horrible boss. 9 to 5 is nowhere near as funny or entertaining as Best Picture-nominated Tootsie but it was fun.

4/5 stars

West Side Story


I’ve been highly enjoying my musical experiences lately…West Side Story, eh, not so much. The story was well-made and full of drama and plenty of shock factor but a musical’s greatness requires its songs and dance numbers to be enjoyable and I just didn’t find that with this film.

Now, it’s hard not to love the “America” sequence which was really the only part of the film that made me genuinely happy. The romance between Tony and Maria felt a bit strange, considering that they knew each other for only a day and were so madly in love. I mean, Tony accidentally killed Maria’s older brother and how did she respond? By basically having sex with him! I was flabbergasted! Utterly flabbergasted.

The film lost me after that point and I ended up just watching the film, hoping that it would hopefully get better. The best part of the movie is the film’s final few minutes when the ultimate tragedy strikes but by then it was too late…I wasn’t a fan.

I love The Sound of Music. I love An American in Paris. But I definitely will not be watching the 1961 version of West Side Story anytime soon.

Now, I am intrigued by seeing how Steven Spielberg can recreate this story with a more modern touch with this year’s West Side Story which is supposed to release this December. Just judging from production photos, it should be a doozy.

4/5 stars

My last classic movie binge-watching session involving All the President’s Men, Mighty Joe Young, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Unforgiven was an awesome experience. Unfortunately, yesterday’s brand new films seemed to all leave me feeling a little underwhelmed.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.


2 thoughts on “3 Movies, 3 Opinions”

  1. You are an extremely generous grader to give 4/5 to films you say “lost you” or that you don’t wanna see again. I’d be curious what your “scale” is; based on your description I probably would’ve called Annie Hall 3-4, West Side Story 1-2, and 9 to 5 about 2-3.

    I’ve seen Annie Hall, I remembered reading that it was supposedly the best romantic comedy ever, and frankly I was just… ok? It was all right, but it wasn’t terribly funny to me, and very little about it was particularly memorable. What little I remember of it, I remember being pretty depressing. Haven’t seen the other two, although I’ve heard plenty about them. Maybe now that we’re sorta locked down from plague I’ll take the trouble to find them.

    To me, the two romcoms that stick with me the most are “When Harry Met Sally” (it prob seems formulaic today, but it said aloud a lot of things about relationships and how they go weird), “500 Days of Summer” (this one really broke type and is kind of the “Pulp Fiction” of romcoms to me in its non-linear storytelling, and speaks loudly about how a lot of failed relationships tend to go, in ways that were much better done than “Annie Hall” IMO), and depending on whether you consider them romcoms, either “Princess Bride” or “Mr and Mrs Smith.” Those last two are also partially action films, but they bend the archetypes a lot and definitely have a major relationship element to them.

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    1. I gave each film 4/5 stars because they’re not particularly “bad” movies. I just don’t care to watch them ever again. In terms of romcoms, my favorite definitely have to be Hitch and Shallow Hal. I think Hitch is a really good movie and it manages to make me very happy every time I see it. Shallow Hal is downright hilarious and easily one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. But a romantic comedy starring Jack Black and Jason Alexander is supposed to be funny, right? Shallow Hal is another one of those genius films that paved a way for romantic comedy templates, imo.

      If you can call Princess Bride a romantic comedy, which frankly it is, I’d have to put that up there too. Hilarious movie!!!


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