Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Twelve

Zorii Bliss thought she was going to die. As troopers shot at her from behind and TIE Fighters peppered the valley and approached the base with clear intent to attack there was only one thing she could do. She ran forward, blasting the glass window and shattering it with each shot, before jumping right out of the base just as green laser fire filled the room that she had just been in.

She fell ten feet before landing on the craggy snow-covered rocks. She groaned as a flare of pain coursed through her legs but she couldn’t stop. The TIEs were going to end her if they could and she wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction.

She knelt in a crook of the rocks, shooting at the Fighters as they roared by before beginning to descend the mountain, carefully but aggressively dropping off the rocks in short drops as she hurried as quickly as she could to the ground.

“Why are things always so difficult?” she asked a green blaster bolt nearly caught her.

Suddenly, there was a red blaster bolt from the valley below that sent one of the TIEs careening toward the mountain and exploding on impact. She snuck a glance and noticed the AT-ST Walker aiming its barrels toward the sky. She grinned beneath her helmet. That had to be her Spice Runners.

Another TIE was plucked from the sky unexpectedly and it fell deep into the valley to erupt in a ball of flame in the distance. The final TIE would not be destroyed so easily. It changed course, swooping around and sending a barrage of blaster fire directly at the Walker. Zorii watched helplessly as the Walker tried to take down the final TIE but was caught in the Fighter’s barrage.

“No!” she cried as the Walker erupted into flames and crashed to the ground below.

She slammed her blaster into the rock, anger filling her. Once again, in an instant, more friends had been taken from her. When would this madness end?

She scrambled down the last stretch of rock before dropping down to the front of the base. The lone TIE was coming around for another pass. She stood stock-still, taking a deep breath as she took aim. Maybe this would be the end of her existence but if so she was still taking the Fighter with her.

She held her breath, focused her aim, and as the Fighter’s blaster fire rained around her, speckling her with debris, she took a single shot. The shot was directed into the cockpit, hitting the TIE pilot directly. The Fighter plunged, falling to the ground and as Zorii turned, heading out of the valley, it crashed into a fiery explosion behind her.

Even though she had the medallion it felt like a heavyweight in her pocket because it had cost the lives of people she knew and had grown close to. The First Order needed to end and if she could find a way to bring about their demise, for her Spice Runners, she would make it so.

The sun was dipping beneath the mountain’s peak, signaling the day’s ending. She just hoped the night would bring more success (or joy) than this day had.

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