‘The Clone Wars’ Ending Teases a New Series

The ending of The Clone Wars was absolutely incredible. It delivered a profoundly emotional conclusion that had people choking up and wide-eyed around the world.

Art by Uzuri Art

This ending gave us a semi-conclusion that was ultimately heartbreaking but I noticed something that I’m not certain many people figured out.

At the conclusion of the four-episode extravaganza, we see Darth Vader find the very site that Ahsoka had once been at years before. Overhead, an owl can be seen flying. An owl that is synonymous with Ahsoka in Rebels as it travels with her.

Darth Vader has his classic red eyes which he only has during A New HopeRebels end around the same time so…does that mean Darth Vader was hunting for Ahsoka during the years that comprised the original trilogy? What new stories can be told through those years? Will we learn of Ahsoka’s staff that we saw in her possession at the end of Star Wars: Rebels and what secrets it potentially holds? What new obstacles will she have to overcome? Were there any other moments where she was forced to face Vader?

There are so many possibilities that final scene in The Clone Wars could’ve presented and I wouldn’t be surprised if even maybe the rumored live-action Ahsoka Disney+ series maybe dealt with this story. If so, that would be amazing.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you.

8 thoughts on “‘The Clone Wars’ Ending Teases a New Series”

  1. Yay, we finally get to directly talk about this! 🙌🏻

    How the timeline ties together with all this is an interesting point. He has the red lenses in this scene, but he also has them in Rebels even though he’s lacking them in Revenge of the Sith. It also depends on how, exactly, you interpret this scene. I’ve watched the last five minutes of this series probably 30 times since it dropped, and I’ve been super antsy to get to comment on it here. 😓

    Time wise… I think this clearly takes place before Vader and Ahsoka encounter one another in Rebels. While Vader doesn’t do anything dramatic like show Ahsoka her old saber to taunt her in Rebels, it’s fair to say that going into Rebels he’s clearly assuming that she’s dead. His reaction to feeling her reaching out to him with the Force (“…The apprentice lives…”) and contacting the Emperor with that news indicates that her survival is, indeed, news to him. So the question is left as to whether the final scene of Clone Wars takes place before or after that point.

    I think it’s before. I think Clone Wars — even the epilogue scene — takes place cleanly before Rebels does. It’s far enough after the actual Clone Wars that he’s in his armor, the stormtroopers are all in Imperial era gear, there’s Imperial probe droids roaming around, and he comes in on an Imperial shuttle. These all point to at least some significant time after the Clone Wars themselves have ended, to give lead time for the Empire’s troop gear to change.

    However, there’s also a good amount of evidence that it isn’t THAT much time, either. While the ship has been covered in snow and had time to decay, it hasn’t fallen apart *that* much. The clone troops’ shallow graves can still be seen in the wide shot of his view of the ship, and most of the helmets on stakes are still undisturbed. Ahsoka’s lightsaber that he finds is only partially covered in ice — if it’d been there all that long, it might not even be above ground any more for him to find, and most likely it wouldn’t still be functional enough to light up when he finds it.

    The final clue is Vader himself: he’s quite thin looking in this shot. If you look at him in ANH, he’s a walking tank. His arms, legs, and torso are all really thick, by design obviously since they casted a world class strongman to play him. He’s visibly much, much thinner in Revenge of the Sith, and while he’s put on some weight for Rebels, he’s still somewhere in the middle. In this scene, there’s likely at least some style license being taken, because he looks even thinner here than he does in ROTS… but even accounting for license, that suggests strongly that he’s much closer to first being encased in his armor than he is to A New Hope.

    Which, if I’m right, does open up the question of how he feels about finding the crash site. Obviously, he recognizes everything he finds. He’s seen her final face markings she wore before going to Mandalore, and he personally presented the clone troopers wearing the same markings. Indeed, the last image of the series is a reveal shot that the place he stopped at when he walks up to the ship was one of those helmets on a stake. His body is hiding it — likely by design — before that final shot in which he is seen walking away in the visor reflection. Filoni wanted us to come away with the awareness that where he stopped not only was where he found the lightsaber, but directly in front of the helmet bearing the likeness of her markings. Does he feel sad? Regret? Reflective? Obviously, we don’t know, but his reaction to meeting her in Rebels is clearly intending to kill her — Filoni has revealed in interviews that even when he tells her they “need not be adversaries”, he’s lying. Also according to Filoni, he’s portraying Vader as never having a second thought about his actions in becoming and being Vader until he meets Luke in the original trilogy. He feels the Jedi betrayed him, and when he meets Ahsoka, there’s even indication that he hates her nearly as much as Obi-Wan for abandoning him. So, while his is probably some early point along that emotional journey for him, his feelings toward her are likely not particularly warm. He might even recognize Maori.

    However, there’s another question that I actually wondered a bit about, and have gone both ways on since you first posted your initial emotional response: does Vader walk away from the wreck believing she’s dead? The wikis say yes, but who knows who wrote that. However, he has plenty of evidence here to potentially believe otherwise. There’s enough of the clones’ graves left at the crash site to make it very clear that someone came back to it and buried the troops. Even the raised earth around their burial sites can be still seen in the wide shots, as well as the staked helmets. That clearly had to have happened after the crash.

    So, at minimum, he knows that SOMEBODY has been here after the crash but before himself, even if he doesn’t know how long after the crash it was. Whoever it was, had to have obviously known the ship was there in the first place, which of course makes it prohibitively likely that it was a survivor burying the dead and then leaving.

    I initially said a cryptic “HE KNEW!” when I first commented on the 5th or thereabouts, by which I meant “he knew she was alive!” Now I’m not so sure. However, he has to know SOMEBODY survived. On the other hand, the lightsaber was there… so perhaps he assumes it wasn’t her, and that the lightsaber being left there was the equivalent of somebody else’s memorial to the troops, by also memorializing her. That said, it’s hard to imagine why someone other than her would leave the saber there and then just disappear without a trace. Presumably neither Ahsoka nor Rex has exactly gone and informed the Empire how many survivors there were, which means this scene is likely the first time they find the crash site.

    (Side note: It’s literally an astronomical scale miracle that the ship came down on a world with breathable atmosphere with anything like liquid water temperatures to begin with, given that it came out of lightspeed in uncontrolled fashion after Maul ripped the hyperdrive to shreds, but I’ll grant that a deliberate backhanded mercy on his part via Force-driven providence. An uncontrolled drop to sublight would’ve been 99-point-lots-of-nines percent likely to dump them to an unsurvivable point in impossibly deep space otherwise.)

    So… crashed ship. Not very many survivors, but clearly at least some. Somebody buried the dead here before leaving and disappearing, and whoever it was, wasn’t interested in revealing themselves to the Empire. These are the readily presumable facts available to Vader in fairly real time when he stands in front of this wreck.

    So does he know Ahsoka survived, or not? Does he think she’d leave the lightsaber behind if she’d lived? Or does he assume some other figure sympathetic to her survived, and that the saber was left as a memorial to her?

    Because there’s one other thing that we know Vader must know here: VADER KNOWS THAT THE LIGHTSABER WAS NOT ABOARD THE SHIP DURING THE CRASH. HE KNOWS IT WAS LEFT BEHIND ON PURPOSE. 😱😱😱

    How does he know? Because it still _works_.

    If the saber had been aboard the ship when it went down? It probably isn’t still functional. I don’t know exactly how tough lightsabers are, but we’ve seen multiple instances in movies and shows of them being cut apart by other sabers. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s dramatically less destructive force than being aboard a ship like this in an uncontrolled reentry and crash. Even if it had simply been ejected as the ship was breaking apart (whether with Ahsoka herself, possibly explaining why her body couldn’t be found without her being buried there in orderly fashion with the others), the odds of it reaching the ground and surviving intact enough to function are… low. Very, very low.

    Which means that simply lighting it up successfully? Tells him that whoever survived and buried the troops, probably had the saber with them, and left it there afterwards. And he knows that neither Rex nor Ahsoka are among the bodies.

    Two possible theories that fit these facts that are available to him, then:

    1. He thinks Rex was the survivor, and that he followed through on Order 66 and kept the lightsaber, possibly dumping her body into space afterwards but keeping the souvenir. Then the ship crashed, and Rex decided to “retire” after burying his troops, and left the saber behind.


    2. He knows Ahsoka survived.

    …and the more one thinks about it, the more likely he would suspect that it’s door #2. Obviously the ship never reported in that she was dead, but may or may not have reported that she escaped the initial attempt. It seems plausible that the latter report happened.

    He also knows the hyperdrive on the ship was ripped to shreds by a powerful Force user. Or at least, it’s the only theory that would fit the facts. The only suspects are Ahsoka and Maul.

    He possibly recognizes Maori and understands that the convor’s presence is significant.

    He probably knows Maul survived, and probably also dismisses the theory that Maul would give a damn about Ahsoka’s troops. So he knows, at minimum that either Ahsoka herself or a now-MIA trooper buried them all.

    And why would a trooper leave the saber? That might be a good souvenir from his last battle. Jesse took enough pride in his kills to mark tallies on his helmet. Why wouldn’t someone else keep the saber, even if they disappeared.

    So… yeah, I think I’m back to my initial theory. He knew. He might have started to doubt it over the years, so that it comes to him as a mild surprise in Rebels when it’s confirmed. But he might well have at least had cause to doubt her death before that. Frankly, his matter-of-fact glance towards the camera and understated verbal reaction doesn’t exhibit that it’s a big shock to him that she’s alive.

    So… yeah. My final conclusion is my first one: HE KNEW!

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    1. Wow…okay. I can’t argue with that hypothesis. Honestly, we’ll just have to wait and see because I have a feeling Dave Filoni will, someday, answer our burning questions.

      Seriously, you need a blog. I’m not saying I don’t like your lengthy comments (because I do, they are riveting) but you need to share your thoughts with the rest of the world. You are one of the best Star Wars theorists that I’ve read and that’s not a compliment. That’s fact. 🙂

      Loved your thought process on this mind-bogglingly epic conclusion.


      1. Well, a couple of those things, I thought of in real time as I was writing it — particularly the idea that Vader knew that a survivor had to have escaped the ship with the saber intact, and then left it there deliberately. I honestly thought of that right before I wrote it there.

        I’m gonna retract a little of my confidence in Imperial forensics into the causes of the ship’s crash — likely there wasn’t nearly enough left intact inside the ship to understand that the hyperdrive was Force-shredded before it crashed. However, presumably the Empire exhumed all the bodies to take a full accounting of who’s in the graves, and who isn’t. Obviously they wouldn’t find Ahsoka in the ground, and most likely they figure out that Rex isn’t, either. It’s possible they might think that they didn’t make it out and were somehow ejected from the ship before the crash and their bodies weren’t recoverable… but again, he has the saber, intact enough to still work, so he knows that whoever survived and came back to bury the bodies had to have had it, and that they left it there afterwards on purpose.

        Which really only leaves two plausible theories to him: either Ahsoka was killed aboard the ship and a survivor had been interested enough in souvenirs to keep the saber before escaping the ship (but not wanting it enough enough that they still left it behind), or Ahsoka is alive, which extrapolates to a strong likelihood that her disillusionment over the Jedi that he already knew about folded into enough despair that

        And of those two theories, the latter is far more likely. The more I think about it, the less it makes sense that anyone other than Ahsoka would bother to collect the saber from her, but then just leave it behind after the crash. While it’s possible Filoni wants to preserve the idea that Vader didn’t know she was alive until feeling her in Rebels, it just doesn’t make sense that he walks away from this without understanding that the preponderance of the evidence says she survived.

        Re: my own blog… yeah… perhaps one of these days I’ll get around to getting my own WordPress page up. I’m a software engineer working from home with plenty else going on in edgewise, so the spare energy for it is low… but obviously it’d likely take a lot less energy to get my page up than I’ve already spent writing all this. I guess I’m just shy about putting it out there. 😓

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      2. Derp. I clearly didn’t reread that enough before I hit “post”… it’s late and my brain is a little all over the place. Rewrite of that third to last paragraph:

        Which really only leaves two plausible theories to him: either Ahsoka was killed aboard the ship and a survivor had been interested enough in souvenirs to keep the saber before escaping the ship (but not wanting it enough that they still left it behind), or Ahsoka is alive, which extrapolates to a strong likelihood that her disillusionment over the Jedi that he already knew about folded into enough despair that she decided to walk away fully and leave even the saber he gave her behind.

        Which… Vader probably doesn’t feel good about, and likely this adds to his anger at her for abandoning him.

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  2. So… I’m gonna raise the dead a little due to a few things I’ve seen from various people observing this, and I’m curious what you think. I don’t know if I 100% buy it, but I don’t discount it, either.

    The idea goes, that in the last scene of Clone Wars, where Vader finds Ahsoka’s lightsaber and looks up at Maori, you can vaguely see the outline of his eyes through the lenses of his helmet. And his eyes don’t look like the yellow eyes of the Sith, that he clearly had when she cuts his helmet open in Rebels. The theory is, his eyes were his original blue of Anakin, and this is taken as a hint that he’s got some sense of his original humanity coming out when he finds all this.

    So… I don’t know. Filoni supposedly has said in interviews that Vader isn’t reflective in this scene, he’s here to hunt, and she’s on a list of potential surviving Jedi that he needs to chase down and kill. Or at least, that’s the characterization of it I’ve heard second hand, I haven’t found the actual interview where he supposedly says it.

    I don’t know. I do think the animators did intentionally show a glimpse of his eyes, but I don’t know if we’re meant to read that he was going regretful. He does seem more reflective here than he usually is, though. I don’t think he’s really… like, mournful in particular, other than in his usual way he subsumes all his feelings into anger and hate just to get by. Most likely, he’s already killed a few surviving Jedi after Order 66 by this point, so it’s very doubtful he’s anywhere near Kylo Stimpy’s level of self inhibition over it. (I’m sorry. I saw a “Ren and Stimpy” meme comparing Kylo Ren and I’m never going to be able to un-see the name comparison… and now, neither will you. I will accept it if you are unable to forgive me. 😈)

    So… it’s possible he has a moment here. But I still doubt it’s anything that’s particularly mournful or sympathetic on his part.

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    1. Honestly, I didn’t even know you could see his eyes so I have no idea whether his eyes were blue or not. I’ll have to watch that part again and give you an answer on how I interpret that moment.

      Lol, btw.


      1. Yeah, I hadn’t really noticed it in the original shot either. But if you stare at it suuuuuuper carefully you can definitely tell that the outline of his face is there, especially in the lens on the right. It could be a trick of the lighting they used on the lens though, but it seems unlikely they’d do that by accident.

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