The Ten Most Wasted Characters in the MCU

Marvel has had a ton of awesome characters that have made the MCU’s twenty+ films better but besides the main superheroes, there have been some characters that have been left to the side of the road. These ten characters leave their mark but are never given a good enough story to capitalize on. So, on that note, here they are.

10. Crossbones


Crossbones is a major character in the Marvel comics but he was turned into a brief annoyance in Captain America: Civil War. I’ve always felt a little bummed that we only got to meet Crossbones at the end of his road rather than getting to see him wreak terror for at least the first thirty minutes of the movie.

I’m not saying I don’t like how the film turned out but I just wish Crossbones could’ve been saved for a later film so he could’ve been utilized more thoroughly into the MCU.

9. Justin Hammer


One of the reasons why I enjoyed Iron Man 2 so much was because Justin Hammer was such an interesting character. The reason he’s so forgettable, however, is that he was never given the chance to fully develop into a formidable villain. He was a smart antagonist and smart antagonists are the worst villains.

I would’ve loved to see him get recruited by HYDRA or another shady group and show up in Iron Man 3 to enact his revenge. That would’ve been pretty cool. Unfortunately, he’s still in prison somewhere wallowing in his mistakes.

8. Doctor Cho


Helen Cho was the first Asian female character to make an appearance in a Marvel film and for the most part, she was pretty cool. Her technology of cellular regeneration, in fact, helped bring Vision to life.

While her role was small in the film she had a great impact on the movie and the possible future of the MCU. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen or heard of her since and it’s kind of a shame. That technology she possessed could be used for so many different things and it would be awesome to see her maybe collaborate with the Wakandans to make something amazing.

7. Peggy Carter


We, of course, know that Peggy’s storyline was involved in a time that’s pretty much incompatible with the current movies in the MCU but she still could’ve played a bigger role than she did. If Howard Stark can have such an integral place in the MCU then surely Peggy could’ve been used in the same way.

And in a way, her presence has been felt throughout the MCU in subtle but impactful ways but I still feel it would’ve been nice to see more with her.

6. Lady Sif


Lady Sif, the Goddess of War, is easily one of the coolest characters that have appeared in Thor’s movies. Not only is she a powerful heroine but she had so much potential to become Valkyrie before Valkyrie. Unfortunately, she was never given the chance to flourish in the MCU.

She soon became an afterthought and her absence in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War left fans wondering what happened to her. We didn’t even get to see her return in Endgame to fight alongside Thor and Valkyrie against Thanos which was a bummer. Boo.

5. Maya Hansen


Maya was truly the first female villain in the MCU but she is pretty much forgotten because of her lackluster role in Iron Man 3. It would’ve been really awesome to find that Aldrich Killian and Ben Kingsley’s character were both fronts and that she was the real Mandarin. That would’ve been an even bigger shocker people wouldn’t have seen coming and it would have definitely taken Tony Stark for a spin.

Unfortunately, they treated her like a typical woman and killed her off before she had any chance of being relevant.

4. Hawkeye


Hawkeye has been an awesome character since he had that eensy-weensy debut in Thor but even since then, with three major MCU movies under his belt, he still feels like the “afterthought Avenger”.

In The Avengers he spent half the movie as a somewhat threatening villain and then the other half as the least coolest Avenger. In Avengers: Age of Ultron he was finally given a bit more story as we got to learn that he had a secret family. And then in Civil War, he showed up only as another member of Captain America’s team rather than as a character with a bit of story. And then, he didn’t even make an appearance in Infinity War which surprised a whole lot of people.

Hawkeye could easily be so much cooler but the writers for some reason haven’t figured out how to integrate him with a major role in the storyline.

3. Quicksilver


I understand that Quicksilver is a character underneath FOX’s rights and so he wasn’t able to be utilized any further in the MCU without a lawsuit breaking out but I still wished there could’ve been more with him.

Quicksilver is clearly one of the MCU’s coolest characters and it would have been very awesome indeed to see him as an official Avenger. (I wonder what his suit would’ve looked like?) Unfortunately, he was dead before that could happen. 😦

2. The Ancient One


I understand that for Doctor Strange to become Master of the Mystic Arts it meant that The Ancient One would have to die but did she have to perish so quickly?

One of the reasons why I love Doctor Strange so much is the side characters. The Ancient One was SO cool. Until that point, there hadn’t been a lot of female leaders in the MCU so it was nice to see a woman play the mystical master rather than a man.

If it had been me I would’ve kept her alive all the way through until Avengers: Infinity War. Everything that transpired with Doctor Strange could’ve still happened (even defeating Dormammu) but when the events of Infinity War would take place she would’ve stayed behind on Earth and helped Captain America and his friends protect Vision in Wakanda. In the fight, she ends up perishing at the hands of Thanos and Doctor Strange eventually becomes Master of the Mystic Arts in Doctor Strange 2 rather than the current situation. That sounds kind of awesome if I do say so myself.

Unfortunately, that’s not the reality and I have to get sad every time she dies in Doctor Strange.

1. Vision


When I saw Vision for the first time I was an immediate fan. Not only was it one of the greatest surprises in the MCU but this new android character was at the top of the cool list. He was powerful, he was different, he was JARVIS come to life, everything about Vision was 100% awesome.

And then the writers got writers’ block. Vision ended up having a storyline as weak as Hawkeye’s and that isn’t good. In Civil War, he was more of an afterthought than a central piece to the story. And the only reason why he was important in Avengers: Infinity War is because he had the Mind Stone lodged in his forehead. Now with him dead, he seems even more like a wasted opportunity for something incredible.

Was it because he was so much more powerful than most of the other Avengers that we didn’t get to see him shine? Or was it because the writers simply couldn’t find a way to make him important. Whatever the case, I honestly wish he had continued to be as awesome as he was in Age of Ultron but oh well.

So, to me, these are the ten most wasted characters in the MCU. Hopefully, in the future there won’t be any more characters to add to this list.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.



One thought on “The Ten Most Wasted Characters in the MCU”

  1. Hawkeye is put as an afterthought to light of Iron Man, Captain America, etc. However, he is my favorite out of all of them. He reminds me of a character in my novel who’s 100% human, but he keeps up with all these magical beings in battle.

    In the comics, I’ve seen parts where Hawkeye was also Deaf and knew ASL. I feel like the MCU could’ve done more for representation on that part. It’s important to see that diversity.

    When I saw the ASL joke in Mockingjay Part 2, I was ecstatic. But I also felt like the joke was only for those who read the book and knew ASL since it was about a character’s background that the movie glazed over, and it wasn’t translated at the bottom of the screen.

    But with the MCU trying to be more diverse, they could show that side of Hawkeye.

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