Movie Review Flashback: ‘Gravity’ Is Overrated

I love science-fiction films. There’s something so wildly imaginative of stories set within the science-fiction genre. My love for sci-fi films especially grew after I saw Interstellar for the first time four years ago in IMAX. It was honestly one of the trippiest and most incredible movie experiences I have ever had and even at home it still manages to wow me with its breathtaking visuals, the incredible musical score composed by Hans Zimmer, and its compelling story with a conclusion that makes me cry every time I watch it.

Since Interstellar I have become fascinated with science-fiction films that take imagination to the next level and try to tell an engaging story that leaves an impact on you. It’s why I went to see The Martian and Arrival in the movies theater and for the most part, enjoyed both of those films wholeheartedly.

Over the years I have heard brief mentions of a science-fiction movie that was supposed to be really good and that movie was Gravity. Yesterday I was scrolling through a bunch of free movies that were available to watch on my cable-device, Youtube TV, and to my great surprise, I ran into Gravity. I was elated. Finally, I would be able to see this movie that was supposedly so good it garnered 10 Oscar nominations, 7 of those 10 nominations becoming wins. I’ll talk about these nominations a little later but first I have to give you my opinion on the movie.

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Should ‘Star Wars’ Get More Creative?

I wrote this post nearly two years ago when I noticed that, despite the new stories Disney was providing, everything seemed to revolve in the same loop of similarity. Two years later and there still isn’t anything new.

The franchise lacks imagination! Big-time. And that became once again very apparent after watching the trailer for the new game coming this October, Star Wars: Squadrons. Let me give you a blunt rundown of where this franchise refuses to take risks.


When The Force Awakens came out it was practically a replica of A New Hope. The First Order is simply a remastered version of the Empire with barely any new creations. Rey is Luke Skywalker. Han Solo plays the role of Ben Kenobi. Kylo Ren is Darth Vader. Poe is this trilogy’s version of Han Solo. The Starkiller Base is the Death Star.

And this story never tries to go anywhere the story has never gone before.


The Rise of Skywalker ends up being a remake of Return of the Jedi. Rey faces Palpatine like Luke had to, the Resistance fights the First Order and win, Kylo dies after saving Rey’s life like Darth Vader died after saving Luke’s, there is no sense of creativity whatsoever.

And it doesn’t end there.

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‘From Here to Eternity’: An Interesting War Flick

From Here to Eternity won Best Picture in 1953 and so yesterday I decided to watch it. I knew nothing about the film…well, I did know one thing about the movie and that is its iconic kiss.


You know, the one on the beach that was so visually stirring that it inspired tons of rip-off versions in later movies. (My favorite is the spoof version in Airplane! Hilarious!)

I would’ve never guessed that this particularly iconic smooching scene would be the product of a romantic war film that would go on to win Best Picture and honestly, it wasn’t the most gripping movie I’ve ever seen.

My mother, sister and I watched the movie, commenting on its various subjects, namely the young buck Robert E. Lee Prewitt who we felt was a bit cuckoo (just look at his eyes in the film.) His possessive romance with hostess Lorene at a social club had us wondering why she wasn’t getting the memo to not get involved with him. Clearly, she loved him…but only to find misery by the end of the film.

The movie, despite not being one of my favorite Best Picture winners, is understandably iconic in its less-than-favorable portrayal of the Army. It pushed boundaries that had never been pushed before, depicting the Army in a more realistic fashion that left the Army, despite their tampering with the film, ultimately dissatisfied. In fact, the Navy banned its soldiers from watching the movie because it was a “discredit to the armed services”. Continue reading ‘From Here to Eternity’: An Interesting War Flick